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A novel that excels at breaking the “meta”. Set up as a dungeon crawling adventure but without the goblins and orcs, instead there are manic staplers, venus fly-trays, and endless cubes. If any of those things interest you then look no further. It’s irrelevancy is its biggest upside, allowing it to feel familiar while completely unique. With the lead character’s ease at adjusting to this pocket dimension of madness, it just makes for an enjoyable read. Also the progressively risen stakes gives the story some suspenseful moment. However where this novel shines is its comedy. With an MC who seems way too at ease in a world of insanity, the continual increase in madness, and the huge contrast of his “real life” makes for an entertaining read in a genre known to be repetitive! Imagine Alice in Wonderland, but instead of Alice it’s James, and instead of psychedelic colors it’s bloodthirsty office supplies. I look forward to James future adventures and advise anyone to do the same!


Great fiction, definitely worth a read. It is an interesting take on the popular LitRPG genre, with an intriguing setting, which to my knowledge is near wholly unique in the genre. Although it does consist of 'a dungeon' you would be hard pressed to ever find another dungeon fiction out there with a system like this, and even harder pressed to find one that is as good. I recommend this to anybody who is willing to give it a try, I promise you'll struggle to put it back down


Maybe I'm biased, but I think it's pretty good. A story about friendship, life, and the random button on Wikipedia; what more could you need?


Liked the whole office dungeon thing and the MC was ok but then it started getting bad when the MC told his roommate about the dungeon instead of keeping it a secret. I thought that totally ruined the novel for me but I stayed because I was hoping the author would fix it somehow but I was wrong, instead the author was going to add even more people! All in all,the author ruined a really cool idea because "teamwork makes the dream work!" The author was an idiot that destroyed these story a couple chapters in.


I can confirm this version of the story has been uploaded by the real author of the story. Please check out the Discord attached to the original Royalroad upload of the story for further confirmation. This story is really excellent, characters are well written, the mechanics and intrigue of the world is as mysterious and interesting as it is consistent. The updates aren't on a strict schedule but average about once every seven days, with relative consistency.


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Amazing concept, I personally would have never thought of this and I have thought of some pretty bizarre stuff, like an mc who after dying convinced an overworked god to quit his job


This story was ported over from Royalroad and now I'm following it in both places as well. This story is a breath of fresh air in the genre and with it's amazing character building and intriguing world, it will not disappoint.


I friggin ADORE this novel like i've been binging 5 chapters off and on of this through out the day this series is addictive and I feel spoiled with the long chapters keep up the updates or imma catch up ;-;


This novel has been blatantly stolen form royalroadl and is being posted here and the thief is profiting from plagiarizing a person work and Webnovel.com knows this but is doing nothing to stop it


Really nice not bad nice one really loved it, really impressing keep it up, you should really keep it up a really nice novel hope to see more of it, you should really keep this up, I'll personally keep an head up for more of you cause I really loved it


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Only read this story on a whim. Really great world building as far as the dungeon. Descriptive but not in an overwhelming way. I really dont like the addition of the female character not because she's a female but more her views. Like we have to fix the world and why are you guys not doing more to help people. Forget that noise. Hopefully she'll get killed off, probably not.


The story itself already grabs the readers attention, asking and hoping for more. The creation of the creatures is simply amusing and entertaining. Deeper in,


Entertaining, amusing, attention to detail, and overall composition of storyline is wonderful. I my self have read dozens of books and i have to say that, this is one of the best novels i have read. Hopefully others read this and give this book a try.


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Need more chapters. Please come back. 😫😢😢😢😫😫I love the book, please don't leave it like this.😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫Need more. More. MORE!😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅Please notice me! 🐻


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