45 Try and escape- Part 1

Calhoun was no good man, and he accepted it. In the morning, when it came to her being late, he had taken the opportunity to kick the servants out of the room so that he could admire the girl all by himself. To Madeline, it looked like he had been busy getting her dressed, hoping he wouldn't be looking at her womanly curves. But Calhoun had seen the deep curve of her body with that sheer petticoat that tried to cover her bottom and the two mounds on her chest. 

He had wanted to pull her towards him and touch her without any restraint over her clothes, but she looked like an animal that was ready to sprint out of the room. But she had to know not to test him further. Because he would chase after her and the end would not be something she would be looking forward to right now, but he would change it. 

He had molded people before to his own needs and wants. Madeline was refusing him now, but he would make her want him.


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