281 Consequences- Part 2

"Six," her grandmother was the one to answer, "Your parents were so scared that they didn't dare to have another child for ten years after the incident took place."

Ten years and six...She was in the coffin for sixteen years, and nobody came to see her? Unable to look at them, Madeline looked down at the table that was in the middle. 

"You could have searched for other ways," she whispered. 

"There was no other way, Madeline," said her grandfather, "When your parents visited Carnival's village again, the last thing we expected was you showing up at the doorstep. Do you know how much trouble that had caused us. And you woke up yourself, probably opening it yourself."

"You are blaming me for something I had no control of," Madeline raised her head to meet their gaze. 

Her grandfather shook his head.

"I don't think everything was peach after that," said Calhoun, gaining the old couple's attention.


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