The Crossroads
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The Crossroads


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What is The Crossroads

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Meet Pete, he suddenly finds himself in a black void for no reason whatsoever, but for some strange reason there is a screen asking him to start the tutorial. For what? He has no idea, but he doesn't really care at this point in his life. Follow along in his story as he travels to The Crossroads, a fantastical place that has every fictional being present, from goons and fodder in videogames, all the way to Frankenstein's monster in books, and then back to the Doc Brown from movies. Pete will have to overcome challenges on a constant basis if he wants to have a life he actually cares about. ------------------------------------- I am going to be writing this story on both Royal Road and Webnovel! I was inspired by things such as the original wreck it ralph movie (haven't seen the new one), Galactic Fist of Legend, and The City Of Terror. Not to mention all the different franchises and characters I am going to mention, I don't own a single one of these nor do I claim to by writing this, I just want people to have something to enjoy since I am drained on my other work. I hope you enjoy, and to say it right off the bat since this is something that upsets me, I don't mind if you're critical of the work, but jesus, don't be rude. I love criticism but I hate people that go and put a 1 star with no reason, but if you put 1 star and give me a good reason then I'll use it to grow as an author! Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy the story!

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I’m so fuqin glad I suggested this novel thank you you really polished this shiz I’d give ten stars but ima wait to use them to troll and trolls that may come This is Serously good **** tho




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