1 The Crimson Trainer

A/N: This story will include possibly even regions from fan made games. Also, this Red will be a combination of Origins and Game versions.

Finally, some ages of characters may be altered, but nothing too impacting in that regard.








It was cold, and the winds were incredibly powerful. Blizzards were occurring continuously without stop and the ground was covered in snow. This was Mt. Silver.

One of the tallest, if not the tallest, mountains to ever exist in any region, also being one of the most dangerous with powerful pokemon and horrible conditions.

But, these factors didn't seem to bother a certain young man that was seen looking down from the tip of the summit as he had his left hand in his pocket and his right hand gripping the front of his cap and holding it down as his shirt swayed from the winds.

The young boy had fair skin, and his body was lean but had some visible muscle. His hair seemed to be straight and black in colour with his eyes glowing red, on his head was also a red cap with the front being white.

He donned a black t-shirt witha red jacket over the top that had a white collar and black sleeves, he also wore a pair of black tight jeans and white and red running shoes.

Finally, he had on black fingerless gloves and six pokeballs that were attached to his waist and were hidden by his jacket.

From closer inspection, you could see the figure of a small pokemon standing atop his right shoulder. It was small in stature and was yellow, the pokemon resembled that of a mouse and had a tail that was shaped like a lightning bolt. This was none other than Red and his partner Pikachu.

For those who don't know, Red is the one true champion of the Kanto region. A long forgotten champion.

Why? It's because he had left for Mt. Silver and had stayed for over four years, that's why everyone had forgotten him, his name only being remembered by a select few of individuals.

Red lifted up his cap, revealing the glowing red eyes that now stared towards the vast mountain range. His eyes showing power and superiority, he recalled everything that had happened to him since arriving atop the summit of this cold desolate mountain.

He fought his way to the top, battling against powerful pokemon that rested within. Mt. Silver is known as an incredibly dangerous place for a damn good reason, some even refer to it as the Champion's Peak.

The four years that he spent here, he felt like they went by so slowly, but those slow years had made him into someone of great strength.

He recalled when he told his friend and rival, Blue. That he was going to be staying at Mt. Silver, he could remember clearly the shock that his rival displayed, it was understandable.

Red had requested for him to keep it a secret, even from his own mother. If he remembered correctly as to what Blue told him.

Lance was filling in as Champion for both Kanto and Johto after his disappearance, while Blue became the Viridian City Gym leader.


"..." Red turned his head slightly after hearing the small cry of his Pikachu, he stared for a second before smiling and looking back towards the horizon. "Perhaps... it is time for us to go beyond what we have currently."

Red has muttered as he stared up towards the sun as he held the tip of his hat, his hair swaying in the wind as his Pikachu looked up as well and smiled.

It had been a long time since he had actually interacted with anyone that wasn't his pokemon, years in fact.

The last person he ever spoke to was actually a young trainer that was his age, who had climbed up here to challenge him.

From what he remembered, the trainer's name was Ethan Gold, someone who had defeated Lance and became the Champion of Johto.

The young trainer was strong, while he couldn't compare to the red capped trainer, his strength was far above other trainers.

In fact, there are only a select individuals that Red knew of that could give him a slight challenge. Main ones being Blue and Ethan.

Others that came from other regions and had become champions of them, though they had all given up the titles to get away from all the stress.

Being a champion was hard work, all the paperwork and responsibilities. He was surprised Lance could cope with it, especially since Ethan ended up retiring the title back to him, at least that's what he had heard.

The people that could give him a decent challenge all came from many regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, two from Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, and more.

Other than that, Red could only smile as he recalled the battle he had with Ethan. While it didn't last long, it was fun.


Red could be seen staring down at a young trainer his age, which was twelve years old or so. Having worn a red and yellow cap.

They wore mainly red with black pants, and a bag that was strapped on. This person being none other than Ethan Gold, Champion of Johto.

Red was staring down at the trainer from his slightly raised podium spot at the peak of Mt. Silver. Red eyes staring into blue ones.

Both fo them had an incredible presence as both exerted pressure of incredible magnitudes. Red more so than Ethan.

Between both the trainers were two pokemon, with Pikachu being on Red's side of the field as Ethan had a pokemon that was cream coloured with greenish blue fur.

On its back were several red spots that seemed to spark fire every now and then. This was Typhlosion, Ethan's starter and partner since the start of his long journey.

Ethan was panting as Red seemed as calm as always. Ethan had a look of defeat as he weighed his option, Typhlosion was his only pokemon left.

He had only managed to take out one of Red's pokemon, and that took his other five to do so! They were certainly not weak either!

It was during the battle that Ethan knew for sure that the legends that spoke about Red were indeed true, someone who's potential was unmatched.

It had been rumoured about how Red had sweeped through the league with ease, and those stories definitely seemed believable.

At first when he had challenged Red, he knew it was going to be tough, though he had some hope that he could win.

But, after a small amount of time, he knew that he was way over his head for initiating this challenge. He was getting demolished....

"Typhlosion, use Flamethrower!" Ethan commanded. Typhlosion roared as the spots on his back flared into incredibly powerful flames.

His Typhlosion was considered an anomaly among his kind, having a darker shade of fur and flames three times as powerful. All being as a result of strenuous training.

"..." Red didn't say anything as Pikachu calmly watched the attack heading towards them. In an instant, just as it was going to hit.

Pikachu had darted forwards and appeared through the attack in a flash of lightning. To which the attack was broken and the small mouse was running at unimaginable speeds towards Typhlosion.

Ethan didn't manage to give a command as Red snapped his fingers, to which Pikachu gathered electricity in its right arm.

The fist was then coated in blue electricity as Pikachu gave a cry before sending it towards the surprised pokemon.

"Typhlosion!" Ethan cried out as he saw his partner rocket away into the side of the mountain as the fist had connected. "Are you alright?!"

Ethan quickly rushed over towards his partner, before kneeling down to see that his pokemon was groaning in pain as swirls replaced its eyes.

"I believe this match is over, well done." Red's young yet masculine voice had sounded as Ethan looked to see Pikachu walking calmly over to his trainer.

Ethan nodded with slump of his shoulders as he accepted his defeat, he knew his chances of winning were impossible after a small amount of time into the battle.

"Great job, Typhlosion. You did your best." Ethan smiled as he looked at his pokemon. Typhlosion had regained consciousness as he smiled sadly at his trainer. "Don't worry, they were just too strong. I should have prepared more. This one's on me."

"He's right... you and your team did very well." Ethan and Typhlosion looked to see Red walking over with Pikachu back on his shoulder. "You are the second strongest trainer I have ever faced."

"Really? Who's the first?" Ethan wondered curiously. Was there someone else that could rival such a powerful trainer?


"Of course!" Ethan realised. From what he could remember, Blue was Red's rival during his journey. Of course he would be the strongest Red had faced!

"You impressed me. Your skills are quite incredible indeed."

"But, we only beat one of your pokemon. It was a sweep." Ethan frowned as he looked down and away from the trainer that was the same age as him.

"You should feel proud, you are one of only a very select few that could." Red smiled softy as Pikachu gave a cry of agreement.

Ethan looked into Red's eyes before turning to Typhlosion, who was staring into his trainer's eyes as it was silent for a bit.

Both Ethan and his partner smiled as they nodded towards Red. Who had his arms crossed over his chest, to which Ethan then grinned.

"I'll... no, we'll beat you one day, Red!"


Red chuckled a bit at the memory, it was only a few months ago that the battle had taken place. He knew that the trainer was out there training, getting stronger for their rematch.

Red heard Pikachu make a cry, which he then turned towards the pokemon. Red then nodded his head. "Yeah, I guess it's time..."


"Red... is that really you...?!"

The voice of a woman who was significantly older than Red had sounded. To which the young youth shyly looked away as he scratched his cheek with one finger.

The woman appeared to have long black hair that draped over her left shoulder, wearing a pinkish red attire with an apron over the top.

Red had cringed at the voice, for the person in front of him was none other than his mother, Karan. Someone that he hasn't seen for more than four years, back when he was ten.

Red had left Mt. Silver an hour ago on one of his pokemon, which it didn't take long to arrive back in his home town, Pallet Town.

"Yeah... hey, mom."


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