613 Chapter 613-The Elerium Blossoms

The sounds of laughter and happiness sounded all around us, Sabrina beside me with her apple already in her stomach and doing its job. What did you all expect? For some kind lady to just be outside the home I bought? To just be kind enough to give us some free fruits?

Yeah, there might exist things like that out there, but this incident was no simple meeting. I have to say the old woman did her job very well. I will have to pay her extra after this. Anyway, my main indication was to create a simple yet happy atmosphere. Making a couple-like atmosphere between us and getting Sabrina to eat an apple.

And not just any apple, a very special apple that will be very useful to me. Ever heard of the story of an old woman making a beautiful woman go to sleep by eating an apple? Only to be saved by the Prince Charming from her sleep?


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