The Conquerors Path

Love, lust, and desire... Austin didn't know much about all that in his past life, for he was average in all aspects of his life. A guy who took psychology and math to learn because he couldn't get into biology, the only exciting thing about him being the fact that when he died, he ended up in his favorite eroge game with the task of getting the girls and making the protagonist a loner. Love, like manipulation or time in hell... That was his choice from the God Of Games... The beautiful girls of tsunderes, the sadist, the masochist, the kuudere, and the...yandere, and more. A world with living, breathing women of high status and power who don't like to share... So what happens when Austin goes behind them?... What happens when the Gods that feel nothing feel for him? What happens when he becomes the gigolo of the Gods?... Well, come and find out as he tried to survive among all the crazy women that exist... [There will be a lot of sex scenes, but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters.] (Note: Hey, first of all, this is not a fanfiction! It's true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels, but none of the characters are related to others from the novel. Also, the story flow will become completely different later!! Again, not a fanfic! The image does not belong to me; if the creator wants to remove it, message me.) My Discord: https://discord.gg/XyYvJ389mg

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Chapter 105-Moms Pent Up Desires(3)

We reached the bed, my rod still inside her as her 'juices' kept flooding down, her eyes lost, Grace's legs wrapped around my hip, her arms, pulled my head, as we dived in for a deep kiss, her lips sucking on me as I tasted her tongue, doing so I slowly began to move my hips, her folds clutching onto me, 


A moan left her mouth as I started to move, letting go of my mouth, my hands placed at her both sides as I gazed at her face twisting in pleasure, with slow loving movements I kept moving, thrusting in and out of her, reaching her womb, her warm, wet, velvety folds wrapped tightly around me, and the pleasure that shot through my spine flared the fire in my loins.

"It feels good inside of you, Mother"

I used my left hand to play with her mound, squeezing and clawing it, losing myself to its soft suppleness, and when I teased her pink nipple, pinching it, I earned a pleasurable whimper from her, I hardened my thrusts inside of her when I saw her trying to resist me, hitting the door of her womb every time after nearly pulling out of her.

Grace locked her arms around my neck, and her right hand gently caressed and pulled the hair on my head, closing the distance between us, she started planting wet kisses on my neck as she nuzzled her face into it, inhaling my scent that made her warmer, I felt my lust flare at it, she wasn't a virgin and she knew how to make her moves, 


She whispered near my ear as the itch inside her lower body got stronger,

"Yes, Mother"

I spoke and increased my pace, she wrapped her toned long legs around me tighter and pulled me harder onto her, her walls started squeezing me harder, and soon I started grunting as I tried to not lose to the pleasure, my hands dug into the soft mattress, nearly tearing it as I resisted the urge to come inside of her.

"Release inside me, make me yours"

She whispered, her sides unknown to all started to come out, a wild side that I was loving more and more,


she called out my name in love, I used my hand to play with her breast and used my lips to nibble onto her neck with my tongue,


A blissful moan escaped Grace's lips, her son was much bigger than her husband, and I somehow seems to know everything about her body, the taboo of what we were doing also added a spice, every thrust made her experience inexplicable pleasure, and soon she was driven by her lust, with her head getting lighter and lighter.

"You are mine, forever and ever"

Grace kept feeling the tip of my cock that keeps hitting her womb, her body became weak, her mind went blank, and all she could do was moan and moan, Her love juices were dripping faster, and her tits swung wildly in front of me, as I pound her ass down with my hips every time her body bounced up our springy bed, seeing her milk udders, I lowered my head to start sucking on them like a baby hungry for his Mama's milk, unlike a baby though, I was flicking her nipples with my tongue and biting it, to give her some stimulation,

"Ooooooh YES SON! Your cock is just so... Mmmmhm"

Mom moaned out sluttily, I wanted to fuck her in other positions as well, so I wrapped my arms around her waist before rolling over, Now she was the one above as she straddled my hips while I was below her, she wasn't gonna be riding me though, as I held her body down so that I could reach her large tits with my mouth, holding her in her place as I wrapped my arms around her waist, I then started thrusting upwards this time,

"Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Like that~ Yes!"

Mom moaned out at first before she also returned the favor as she moved her hips every time every time I would thrust upwards, she would start slamming her hips down as to meet my offense. In this, a position I can easily go for her tits as they hung just on top of my face. One of my arms let go of her waist, as I started milking these milk jugs of hers.

My other hand then also let go of her waist as it slithered down her back heading reading towards her round meaty ass. I spanked her white ass multiple times causing it to ripple, while the slightly painful burning sensation on her bum in contrast with the ultimate pleasure she was feeling on her crotch made Mom confused, as a mixture of pain and pleasure brought her mind to ecstasy.

As my hard cock continued to plow through my Mother's drooling cunt, I looked up to enjoy the view of her face twisting and turning in pleasure as my cock went balls deep inside her Milf pussy, multiple times I felt the tip of my dick receive pressure as I reached the entrance of her womb. The womb that gave birth to me. Love nectar flowed out of it as it slowly dripped down my cock, lubricating it even further

However while I was fucking my mother's raw pussy, I remembered that this woman was someone who really loves me, she raised me and my sisters all by herself for multiple years, and I remembered the gentle smile she always had as she looked at me like I was her treasure. Slowly, old memories came back to me

"Mom! I love you! Let's do this forever!"

I said as I felt my pleasure reach its climax as well, I then decided to thank her by giving her the biggest creampie of her life. I made sure that her womb was filled to the brim with my 'gratitude'. As I pushed my cock as deep as I could in her convulsing pussy, as I cummed deep inside her fertile fuck hole.

She reached her second orgasm well when she felt her son's warm semen flow inside her fertile womb. I saw her face widen in shock for a moment as her mouth opened in an 'o' shape., However it quickly went away as she reached the zenith of her sexual pleOooooh

"Ooooooohh GOD! You came... inside Mom So much~"

Her face was still lost in pleasure as she spoke out those words,

"Haaaah... Do you to knock Mama up that badly?... Haaah... Do you want to see me pregnant?"

Mom smiled with her hair all messy as she felt my warm cum deep inside her womb, it seems that the sex was slowly bringing out another woman, I smiled as my eyes traveled to her stomach as I held it, I looked at it with fiery passion as I spoke

"Yes!, I want to fill up this stomach of your mother's with lots of our children!"

My words caused mom to tremble as her pussy squeezed me tighter, milking my dick further, Grace went into to daze as an image of me with our children flashed through her mind, I didn't let her think more as I swished our position, I switched to doggy style as I started to ram her from behind, mom didn't do anything as she was tired, as I was banging her I noticed her cute ass hole,


Grace, who was unable to move her body, could only moan. Her head, which was resting on a pillow, moved following the rhythm of my thrust, my hips slapped against her meaty ass, as the sound of meat hitting each other was heard, After taking her love juices and placing it on her ass hole, I immediately thrust my fingers into her ass hole,


Grace gritted her teeth, taking in the feel,

"So tight"

when I put his fingers into her ass hole, her ass hole's muscles were squeezing my fingers wildly.

"Cumming….Cumming….. I'm coming….."

Grace was unable to endure the great pleasure when I was playing with her ass hole and hitting her womb with my huge cock at the same time, making her have an orgasm for the third time, feeling mom tightening around me, I moved faster as I felt my release coming closer, I held both her ass cheeks groping it, changing its shape and with one final thrust I pulled her ass, as my sperms exploded inside her womb overloading it


Grace felt her womb overload from my cum, I stayed in the same position for a few seconds as I kept unloading in waiting for the orgasm to stop, afterwards, I brought my cock out as my sperm flowed out from moms pussy, sitting up I could see the image of my mother laying face down with her ass up, her eyes above her head as she was lost in pleasure, I laid down next to her with a smile on my face, I looked at my panting mother as I spoke

"Shall we continue?"

I didn't need to say anything else after as mom turned around as she spread her pussy with her hands inviting me in, I didn't hold myself back as I moved in front of her and entered with one swift move, Grace's moans sounded inside the room, as she clung tightly to her son, and moved her hips to match the movements of her son, The bed creaked under the intense movements of sex.

The room was starting to get hotter with the intense sex between me and my mother

"Haa Nn~ Aus…My Austinnnn~"

I continued to ram into mom as she moaned into my ears

"Nnn Ah! ah Nyaa ~ good, It feels good~ "

Grace keeps moaning louder and louder, While I continues to fiercely move my cock inside my mother's pussy, Over time, moms pussy became more slippery due to her love juices and my seed which acted as a lubricant causing me to move my hips with more speed

I observed the panting face of my mother, she had her tongue out with her eyes intoxicated with pleasure, she had begun to lose herself in pleasure.

"Mother! Mother! I'll make you cum!!"

I extended my hands, and grabbed the big and delicious breasts of my mother, they felt as if they were soft and elastic meatballs in my hands, I did not stop and began to massage and squeeze the large breasts tightly, stretching them, squeezing them continuously, causing my mother to moan with pleasure.

"Nnyaaa ~ my, my breasts ~! Ah! Cumming ~ "

I could feel how my mother's pussy clenched suddenly when she began to reach orgasm.


I suddenly took my mother from her armpits and lifted her up on top of me

"Nyaa ~!"

But I did not stop moving my hips and started to make mom come down and climb on my cock, using her pussy as if it was a toy

"Ahhh! My pussy Ah Nnn... my pussy feels, it feels gooodd ~! "

Grace got even more excited by being used as if she was an object by her son, She could feel my cock entering her, and almost reached the door of her uterus

"Ahhhh ~ my, my uterus, ah ah Nnnn~"

Grace extended both her hands towards me, and she hugged me tightly!

"Ah! ah, Mother!"

"Austin~ my son, my Austyy!"

"I love you! I love you, mother!"

"Ah! ah~ Really!? I'm happy!"

"Do you love me, mother?! Tell me you Love Me!!"

"I love you! I love you! Nyaa~! "

I kissed and sucked mother's sweet lips while fiercely moving my waist, Grace also frantically entangled her tongue with me

"Fua! Coming !? I'm coming again! I'm coming! "

"Ah! Good! I'm going to make you cum again, mother!"

"Haa! Ha! Nnn! Aaa~ann!!!"

Grace fiercely embraces her son, while wrapping her legs through her son, not allowing him to separate from her. While she was cumming, I felt my mother clinging tightly to me trembling during her orgasm, which made me more excited as I waited for her to finish her orgasm.

* gasp * * gasp *

Grace gasps intensely as she rests her head on my chest, the orgasm she had, caused her whole body to become sensitive, She somehow feels warm and secure as she leans against her beloved son

I looked down to see my beautiful milf mother breathing erotically on my chest, with her big naked breasts moving with her breath and her lascivious body trembling with the sensual sweat of sex we had, Approaching her face, I took the lips of my mother kissing her, then separated and whispered in my mother's ear

"Mother ... was it good?"

my mother turns red at the question of her son, She hides her face in her son's chest and nods

"Y-yes ... it felt good"

"Well, now I guess it's my mother's turn to make me feel good"

I Asked with a lascivious smile.

Grace becomes even more flushed, but even so, she nods her head and murmurs shyly

"It would be unfair that I alone... feel good ..."

I reclined on the bed, While watching my mother standing naked in front of me

"Mother, now move alone,"

I said while exposing my erect cock upwards.

* Gulp *

Grace swallowed saliva when she saw her son's erect cock, She slowly stood on the bed and positioned herself on my cock, slowly she sat up until her son's cock touched her pussy.


Mom moaned at the faint touch between her pussy and my cock, Slowly, she settled down and took my cock with her hand while placing it in the opening of her pussy, I smiled when I saw how my mother sat on me.

"Nyaa ~ !!"

Grace let out a loud lascivious moan when the cock of her son began to enter inside her.

"Ahh! Nn~ ah, it's inside~ "

"Good, mother!"

Grace moaned as she looked down, and saw how her hips had come down completely, with her pussy swallowing her son's cock completely, She began to move her hips, while her large breasts swayed.


Sometime later…

"Ngii i! Co, cock! Ah! my pussy feels gooood!!"

"Mother, your ruined face is so beautiful"

"Nhoooooo Nn~ do not see me! Nyaa~ something, cooming! "

After a while of moving heGrace's, Grace's mind began to blank, my dick still kept moving inside moms juicy and messy pussy.

"Nnnnnnn~ah ah!"

Grace moans crazily with pleasure while moving her waist desperately over me, Her tongue comes out of her mouth as she gasps, and her lascivious eyes always look intoxicated with pleasure at her son, as if she does not want to look away from her beloved son.

"Cumming !! Austinn, I'm about to cum again!!! "

"Nnn ... wait, mother! Hold on! "


Hearing my words Grace tensed her body, holding her release, I fiercely grabbed mom's ass with my hands and began to move, Starting an intense piston-shaped waist motion!

"Mother, I want you to be my mine and only mine!"

"Nyaa ~ I-I Ah ah! "

"Say it mother, say you're going to be mine, and wait for me to ejaculate first, otherwise I'll stop!"

"Ah! ... Yes, yes, Um!! I will be yours, I will become an exclusive hole for my son !!! That's why give me your cock, I want your cock always inside me !! "

Grace exclaimed as she continued to move her waist lasciviously over me, her obscene body had become sweaty and sticky, while she was moving her body, panting and rubbing her large breasts against her son

"Nn~ Austinn! My son!---my love!"

Seeing this Milf, Mother of 3, and my own mother acting in that lascivious way, incited the bestial inside me, my cock got bigger inside my mother's pussy.

"Nyah~ it got bigger ah! ah "

I took my mother holding her safely, I placed her under me, Grace became happy to be dominated by her son, while crying and drooling saliva, her female juice was overflowing completely from her juicy pussy.

"My son, come to me!! My love, I belong to you, you can use it as you wish ~ !! "

Grace exclaimed while opening her legs inviting me as extended her arms in an attempt to embrace me

"Nn ~ I want, I want to have more sex with my son, with my love! Kiss my womb more with your cock! Nyaaa~ "

'Damn, she's long gone'

For a moment I thought about how she would be when her reason returned, I pounced on mom, as I fiercely insert my cock with all my might causing me to go deep inside my mother and slammed against the door of her uterus!

"Nyaaa! My inside! My uterus!"


"AHhh !!!"

In response to my mother's frantic screams and lascivious invitations, I slapped her in her fleshy ass.

"What a dirty mother, asking son's dick?! "



"Tell me what kind of mother are you?"


The slaps to the white and fleshy big ass of my mother, made her ass shudder and tremble like a flan, But it seems that these slaps increased the pleasure that Grace felt!

"Come on mother! Tell aren't you a thirsting after your son?!"

"Aaah! Nn ~ yes, yes!!"

* Slap * * slap *

Every time I hit her mother's mothers voice got sweeter and more high pitch voice and it kept increasing

"Nyaaaa ~ I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being such a mother ~ !! "

"What mother?"

"Nn ~ yes, A sluty one that lusts after her son ~~! "

"Well said, mother!"

I began to swing my waist harder, repeatedly banging on the mother's mother's womb in an attempt to open that door and introduce my cock inside.


Little by little, I opened a small hole in the door of my mother's womb

"Mother, do you feel that?! I'm opening the door of your womb! I'm opening your door for our babies!!"

"Nn ~ Ah ?! Ah ah Nyaa! that place, that place is for the babies~! "

* Slap *

"I'm going to cum !! Mother, I'm going to cum inside your womb!!"

"Ahh! Nn ~, inside! release everything inside of me! I want to get pregnant~ !! "

I clenched my teeth at the intense plea gave I gave one last blow with my cock, hitting the tip of my glans against the door of the womb, opening a small hole and introducing my glans inside and ejaculating! painting my right inside her

"Aaaaaahhh ~~ Nn inside! Everything is inside, it feels hot! it feels hot inside me !! Nyaa~!"


"Uuuuhhn~ You're Too deppp inside me"

She said as I raised one of her legs while I fucked her standing up

"Oohh... inside again"


"OooohYes, like that~ Fuck me harder"

Mom said as she bent over for me

"Ahhhn Ahhhn Ohhh Soo goooddd "

Mom moaned out like a bitch as I rammed her from behind


That wasn't the only time I came inside her that night, we fucked in all the positions she wanted. She rode me, she let me fuck her from behind, I came inside her while, she was standing up, with that the night ended up with, me completely filling my mother's womb