1 Brief Preview

"Don't you dare touch her!"

The dark mist turned to look at him and he could almost make out a human face.

It was smoky but he could barely see anything past it.

The realm was dark and shapeless and between him and her, a fiery chasm burned with a fierce intensity. It was desolation as far as the eyes could see.

Will chanced a look at the girl nearly passed out on the floor a few meters away from him.

"She's not yours to take. Take me instead," he exhaled shakily, "I'm the one you want." Will told the blond man already making his way towards her, the smokey figure following closely beside him.

"Will. . . don't." Will heard her soft voice from the other end of the void, as she struggled to recover from the blows she'd sustained.

"Just leave her alone, please." Will looked up at the tall blond man controlling the humanoid smoke.

The man paused and looked at him.

His eyes were blue- they were the eyes of the devil himself.

The man turned from the girl and began walking towards him.

"Your soul won't be enough. I'll need three others." The man said.

He crouched next to Will and whispered,

"Do you consent?"

Will looked at the weakened girl on the rocky floor and felt his heart ache.

He knew it was all or nothing.

"Yes," he breathed, looking into the man's eyes,

"I consent."









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