The Chained Husband
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The Chained Husband


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What is The Chained Husband

The Chained Husband is a popular web novel written by the author BaniyaGirl_17, covering MYSTERY, CHAINED HUSBAND, TRANSFORMATION, FIRST LOVE, MEMORIES, DAUGHTER LOVE, PURE LOVE, ALMIGHTY CEO, ALMIGHTYCEO, Romance genres. It's viewed by 61.1K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 6 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 15 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A love story of a Almighty CEO famous for his arrogance who was once a famous playboy !! Yesss the famous playboy is now a arrogant but almighty CEO the careless boy of past has become a mature man who is the dream guy of every girl. ? Butttt he is now chained by his wife YESSS you read it right he is chained , the almighty , arrogant , dream guy of many girls is now chained by his wife and is not at all able to be released ? (●_●)^^ So what is the reason that the almighty CEO of S country is chained and is not able to free him self ?? He is handsome !! He doesn't owe anything to anyone and can protect his love ones !! He is not at all a person whom one can offend but he is nothing in front of his wife !! ~Story of transformation from a *Playboy to Arrogant CEO to Chained Husband* ~ So to know the reasons we need to read the novels further!!? A novel full of love and mystery with full of sweetness and purity ! ? #AlmightyCEO? #Playboytoloyal? #luvhisdaughter? #ChainedHusband?


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Wild megane-ojisan appears! It used Review! It's super effective! Kidding aside, I'll try not to sound too harsh cause I understand this is your first work. This is a story about a very (un)fortunate arrogant (?) CEO who extremely adores his daughter, and is super tsundere towards his wife (lol). The chapters are quite short. The pace, however, is quite fast. Sometimes, a bit too fast - enough to leave the reader reeling. The grammar also needs some work. But I know English isn't your native language, so that can be forgiven lol. Also, I get a kick every time I read your suggestive leading questions at the end of the chapters lol. They're funny, but they can also undermine story immersion. All in all, a cute read. And I'm sure you're having a blast writing it. And if there are people who can share the joy with you, then so much the better :) Cheers!


I am quite satisfied with the story ... It is indeed a nice storyy!! Although I feel disappointed only about one thing it is that it updates only 1chapter per day which seem to torture me T-T Please Author Please post more chapters if possible ... I can understand that may be because of your schedule you are not able to do so but I will really appreciate bonus chapters from you because I am feeling quite interested in it .. Thank you soo much for posting this story !! And I can assure you that I will definitely support you !!


Quite interesting story !! Feeling interested about the future chapters what turn this story will take !! I am ready to be surprised by the creativity of our author !! MC proves that one can change with time for good , encourages us to be protactive, caring and loving towards family !! Looking forward !! All the best Author !!


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