The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer
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The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer


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What is The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer

The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer is a popular web novel written by the author MokouFriedChicken, covering CEO, SERIAL KILLER, MODERN, MYSTERY, THRILLER, BEAUTIFUL FEMALE LEAD, RICH CEO MALE LEAD, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 17.5K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 45 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 10 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


True Title: Tales from Midas: Heartstrings Alice Heather Littman was just an average elementary school teacher, well, as average as one can get under the demanding expectations of the average Midasean citizen. Having taught in the Nancaan Elementary School for over a year now, Heather counted her stars for each day that her life went by peacefully, sorely grateful at getting away from her former.. turbulent lifestyle during a dark time in her college years. Ahh yes.. a peaceful life surrounded by her precious students.. Surely this was the blessing that her life sorely needed..  Cue in, during the 25th Founding anniversary of the school she's teaching in, the meek and silent teacher suddenly being propositioned in broad daylight by one of the richest and most powerful men in the city. Heather felt her heart hammer in embarrassment as the dashingly handsome Dio Panagopolous asked her out on a date..  In front of her students no less!  Outwardly, the woman smiled shyly, unable to say anything presumably due to the fact that she's being asked out by one of the most desirable bachelors in the city. Inwardly however... She knew in her heart that she was staring straight at the face of a bonafide psychopath. ⬛⬛⬛ In the year 2016 on the month of January, a mysterious string of murders plagued the Nancaan district of Midas. At least a dozen women in their 20s were claimed by the incident, all with their hearts physically removed from their chests. Fearing a resurgence of another prolific serial killer along with placating the fears for the start of another slaving ring incident, the authorities launched an investigation about the murders, dubbing it the 'Kardia' incident with the potential suspects being dubbed the same name. Unfortunately, the investigations ubruptly came to a halt due to budget cuts, the upcoming mayoral elections and other external issues.  The city of Midas is at the cusp of a major upheaval, even the smallest of actions can irrevocably change the future in unforeseeable ways. With an active element openly disrupting the city's ability to function, the changes can become more and more unpredictable. Heather knew all to well, just how volatile her city can be. With a certain incident still fresh in her mind, the stalwart teacher went on about her daily life, hoping by the gods that another incident won't affect her already miraculous second chance at living a normal life. ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ UPDATES: I promise nothing and deliver less. Word Count: At least >1k per chapter. Bug me on Discord: https://discord.gg/NZA6Jun Bug me on Twitter: @FriedMokou


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Reveal spoiler


This slightly gave me the chills. Not usually the type of novel I'd read but this looks interesting. To be honest (no offense), first few chapters were a little bit boring (for me) but I respect the author's writing style and decision to take it slow. Despite of that, the author have done a really good job in letting the readers visualize the settings, scenes and characters. Best of luck, author!


I'm always up for a good mystery and this book seems to be all about that, 😇😇I didn't really like CEO books but this is rlly good and I'm going to binge read them 😇


I'm dead. Terminator. Girlll XD. Yeah, I will definitely read the rest of the chapters. This is good stuff. I really like it. Its so good. Keep up the good work!


Ok, usually, I read at least twenty chapters below giving out a review, but this one deserves a 5 star, even though I'm only at chapter 12. How can I describe it in one word? I think rollercoaster is the most apt term. Not only is the story engaging and intriguing, you end up second guessing yourself at every chapter. I thought I knew the FL but then something happens and I'm thinking, "Oh, snap, she's like this and I had no idea" but then in the next chapter the mystery deepens and you go "Oh, I was wrong to doubt her" to suddenly going speechless as you realize ... nope, you don't get nothing from her. Honestly, it's how I feel women are in real life: an absolute mystery for us men to understand (no seriously, I have 4 older sisters and a mom and I still don't get women). In hindsight, the ML seems more predictable, though that's partially cause he thinks with his second mind (you know, the one down ther- you get the point). There are a few hiccups grammatically speaking, a few commas missing before or after names during dialogues but those are me nitpicking, it's way more readable than most popular webnovels. Also, I need to make this clear: I don't usually like the CEO stories. In fact, I usually avoid books with CEO in the title as the first three I read were so similar, you could just changes the names and the plot would be 90% the same. This doesn't happen with this novel, not at all and I am glad that I actually decided to read this. Regardless, this jewel is staying in my library


the synopsis was really interesting. i lovee the female lead's character, and i loke how there is this contrast to here and Dio (who sounds hot btw.) Kudos to the author!


in the first chapter you can say it's just normal but The thrill of the story is already there in the second chapter and in the third chap.. there it began.. and i like the twist and even the plot of the story.... and also the character's name is super nice as in....and Gosh i can't get off my eyes at it... i've even read the story until the chap 12 because my mom suddenly called me.. sorry i promise to myself that i'll continue to red it and so here i am


To be honest, CEO books are not my cup of tea, but this one is entirely different compared to the rest. I really like how you portrayed Dio and Heath. They're both as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle itself XD. Looking forward to reading more! Kudos to you, Author! :)))


I have read a similar concept before but it's a manhwa. I forgot the title but this will be better if this become a manhwa. I hope that the story continues to satisfy us and add a lot of plot twist for it to be unpredictable.


Not bad at all. The quality is much higher than some of the other works I have seen on here. The writing quality is decent, although some parts feel a bit awkward, and there were definitely some spots I would throw in a comma. There were no spelling mistakes that I saw. The story's premise and characters are both interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how both the story and the author grows.


Certainly above the run-of-the-mill books littered through Webnovel's expansive gallery, I believe "The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer" warrants a read-through, as everything from its characters to its pacing is quite decent. Some quality of life changes are recommended, such as consistent voices and what-not, but these minuscule dents do not remove what appeal this book can give. Most definitely an epic gamer moment.


I consider myself a cat's-paw when a novel has the serial killer theme. Author-sama just won me with the title. To be honest, I admire her writing style full of literal elements and has some freshness as well (Author-sama has to teach this newbie here. xd) Our Alice is quite unique too. She gradually showing all sides of her personality (I love her interaction with the kids is very entertaining.) and I am all for it. Overall, a bewildering novel. <3


This is a psychological thriller work which will keep you hooked. The author knows how to play with words and the writing quality is so good that you can imagine the entire scene in your mind. The pace isn't fast and the grammar is good. Good work author!!


I have never read this type of novel before but the first few chapters got me hooked as I read it. I love it a lot. Please keep it up.


I really like the beginning of the story! I thought it was a really mysterious way to start it. And don't get me started on how you portray your characters! It's amazing. Keep up the good work, author~~


Hello writer! So what really got me was your caption, I had to check out what it was for sure. Dio is really something. I love the build up of everything and I certainly hope it doesn't end just yet. Kudos! More ink to your pen


This is a thriller type of novel. The killer was already introduce in the first few chapters along with the prospect victim. Each chapter is a page turner! You will get hook, easily. Dio the killer and Heather the teacher, were getting to know each other stage. As for what will happen next...? You will have to find out! Go read! Well done! Good job author! Keep it up!


I have never read this type of novels before but this one keeps me hooked!! It makes me curious on what will happen next. The characters itself are very well written, so i can picture them easily on my head. Words you use also varies maybe i need to learn a few things from you! 🤭 Good job author!


The synopsis is catchy, it makes me want to read the novel just reading it. As for the novel itself, well, it's as interesting as the synopsis. Love the mc's personality btw. Good job!


The synopsis really caught my interest. Everything is very descriptive and flows very well, and the characters are designed in a realistic way. Keep it up!


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