10 Matthew's Plea

Arabella's POV

I can't stop thinking about Tyler, and to be honest, and he helped me a lot because I don't feel too much pain now. After all, I am no longer thinking about Matt and Lucy's betrayal, but I am more afraid of what will happen between Ty and me.

"How dare you make Tyler your boyfriend after you broke up with Matt," Lucy said to me by the time she returned to our house.

"Lucy, do you realize what you are talking about and why it matters to you anyway? You stole my boyfriend from me, and we never broke up in the first place; you are not ashamed of yourself for what you have done; how could you ask me that kind of question?" I asked her, and I could feel my anger boiling inside me.

"You know I always have eyes for Ty, " She said, and I couldn't believe my sister.

"Well, I am sorry, Lucy, Ty has only eyes for me, you were screwing Matt, and now you want Ty. I couldn't believe you were my sister." I snarled.

Even though I know what Ty's condition is, if ever I will agree to be his girlfriend, his primary purpose is to help me overcome my break up with Matt, nothing less, so I will agree to him to pretend as his girlfriend to stop my sister from hurting me.

I want to get back to her for taking Matthew away from me; Ty was right. After all, I needed his help to get over this heartache of mine, and I couldn't believe my sister; how did she become so evil?

"He will only hurt you, Ara." She declared, and I looked at her as if I hadn't known her.

"Wow! As if Matthew didn't shatter my heart, and it is none of your concern, Lucy, at least falling in love with Tyler, is expected that I will get hurt in the end because he is known as the heartbreaker of this island." I declared.

"Unlike Matt, I never expected him to cheat on me, and he seems to be the perfect boyfriend. Still, I didn't realize he would be screwing my sister behind my back." I added.

"Arabella, Matt cheated on you because you focused on your studies, and you forgot that you have a boyfriend waiting for you, now don't blame me. Matthew likes me first, but his attention was transferred to you when he meets you, and I hate that you accepted him as your boyfriend." She declared.

"Come on, Lucy, you never tell me you like Matt. If I only knew, I would never have him as my boyfriend because I don't want you to hate me, and I hate it that we fight over a boy." I said.

"Matthew is a man, Ara not a boy, and he is so good in bed, and how I wish you knew how hot he is." She said, and I know my sister was trying to provoke me.

"Whatever, Lucy, I don't care how hot he is because I know Tyler Edgebright is hotter than him, and kindly tell my ex-boyfriend I will give my virginity to Ty," I said, and I only told her that to make Matt angry, I know he had been asking me to make love to him. Still, I told him to wait when I was ready, but he wasn't patient enough, so instead, he cheated on me with my sister.

Lucy left me in the kitchen, and I could tell she was angry that Tyler showed interest in me. She doesn't know Tyler only wants to help me get over with Matt. It was so funny that Ty was the one who saw me at my weakest moment. It wasn't easy to find my boyfriend with my sister on the same bed naked.

"Ara! How could you stay at the house of Tyler Edgebright? You know his reputation." My mom said as we prepared our dinner.

"Mom, he helped me and offered me his home as shelter during the storm, I went to Matt's house, and I found Matt with Lucy in his room, and they were both naked," I answered.

"And I left his house with a broken heart, and the rain poured heavily. I don't have a choice but to have shelter in Ty's beautiful home, but he was such a gentleman." I added.

"Oh, no, I am sorry, Ara, I should have told you about it. I already told your sister to stop seeing Matt when I noticed they were getting close to each other, and I didn't realize they would betray you, Ara." My mom said and held my hands.

"It is okay, mom. Tyler helped me." I replied, telling her everything that happened after I caught Matt and Lucy.

"You don't need to worry about anything, mom. Besides, I don't listen to gossip," I added.

"Oh! So, I guess what we heard about Tyler is not all true, and maybe he was being misinterpreted by most women." My mom said, and I smiled at her.

"Well, that is what I think, mom," I said.

We ate dinner without Lucy because she said she would be spending the night at Matt's place.

"Ara, if you want to talk about it, you can talk to me, okay?" My mom said, and I could see the worries in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Mom, I am fine," I said.

"Many would say they are fine after a break-up, but the truth is no one is fine. It will always be hard to sleep when someone broke your heart, and always remember it is always better to cry your heart out to release your pain, Ara, don't hide it inside your heart." She said, and I nodded.

"Thank you, Mom," I replied; I was already lying on my bed when I heard my phone ring, and I couldn't help but smile when I realized it was Tyler.

"Hello!" I answered with a broad smile on my face.

"Did you miss me?" He asked, and I laughed.

"Why should I miss you?" I asked back.

"Because I am your future boyfriend, Ara." He said.

"Come on, Ty, I told you I am not yet ready to have a boyfriend yet," I said.

"Arabella, you need me to be your boyfriend to get over with Matt." He said.

"Tyler, I need a friend right now and not a boyfriend," I replied.

"Okay, I will take that for now, and I am telling you, you will be begging me to become your boyfriend soon." He said.

"You know what? I never thought you would be this conceited," I laughed.

"Only with you, Arabella." He said, and his husky voice made me feel excited.

"I am sorry, but your playboy charm will never work on me," I said, still laughing.

"Okay, I get that, and we will see who will lose. Anyway, I called you because I want to ask if you are free tomorrow?" He asked.

"Why?" I asked back.

"Because I am going to take you somewhere." He said.

"I can't because I will help my mom in our shop," I said.

"Where is your shop? At the Azure capital?" He asked.

"Yes!" I replied.

"What is the name of the shop?" Tyler asked.

"Lubella Souvenir Shop," I answered.

"What time would you be there?" He asked again.

"We will open tomorrow at eight o'clock in the morning," I responded.

"See you tomorrow, Ara, and good night."

"Good night, Ty," I said, and he ended the call, and I realized if not for Tyler, I am sure I would be crying the entire night thinking about my ex-boyfriend and my sister having a good time, but instead, I sleep with a smile on my face.

The moment I wake up, I take a bath and change into my Hawaiian off-the-shoulder maxi dress, and when I am on my way to the kitchen, I find Matt sitting on the dining chair, and I turn around to return to my room, but he already saw me.

"Ara, please, wait." He begged

"Where is Lucy?" I asked.

"She is still sleeping in our vacation home." He said.

"And what are you doing here, Matt?" I asked.

"Look, I am so sorry, Arabella. I know what I have done to you was unforgivable. I cheated on you with your sister. It was the most stupid thing I have ever done. But I can't continue being your sister's boyfriend without your blessing." He said, and I laughed, and I could feel my anger inside my core.

"What you mean blessing? You have been screwing her behind my back, Matthew, and now you are asking me to give you my blessing? Have you lost your mind? I couldn't believe that once in my life, I fell in love with someone like you, a cheater and a man with no balls." I said, and I could tell I made him so angry that he stood up and moved closer to me until my back hit the wall.

"The truth is I am still in love with you, Ara, and I don't know how I am going to have you back. I don't have enough sleep thinking about you all night, and please forgive me." He is pleading, and he is pinning me to the wall.

"How could you not have been asleep when my sister was in your house the entire night," I yelled at him.

"She was sleeping in the guest room, Ara; I know I made a big mistake, but please, forgive me, and I already told Lucy I still love you. I want you, Ara, please, don't leave me." Matthew is begging, and I try to push him away, but he is kissing me.

"Matt, let me go!" I said as I tried to turn my head from him, and he was more potent than me. No matter how I tried to push him away, he didn't budge.

"Matthew, please let me go," I begged again.

"No, I am not letting you go unless you will accept me again." He said.

"Are you crazy, Matthew? Let Ara go, or I will call the police or post this video on the internet that you are harassing my girlfriend." I heard Tyler's voice, and I felt happy that he had come to rescue me once again.

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