35 Letting Her Go

Tyler's POV

I felt so hot all over my body, and I could still feel Arabella's sweet lips on my mouth and smell her heavenly scent. And I was trying to calm my nerves. I hated myself for losing my self-control. I should have stopped taking off Ara's dress, but I couldn't deny that I badly wanted to have her in my arms on my bed.

And now, I can't stop thinking about Arabella's reaction, and I need to do the right thing since I was stunned when Ara stood up and I could see the regrets on her face after we shared an intimate moment, and I couldn't deny I was carried away with my emotions. I felt worried after she ran away from me, and I knew I needed to come to her and apologize.

I tried my best to stop the attraction I had for her, and I had been ignoring the aching I felt for Arabella ever since she became my girlfriend, and it was a hell of torture because I always wanted to kiss and cuddle her.


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