The CEO’s Cold Hearted Ex

Eighteen years old Arabella "Ara" Ravalli was devastated when she did not catch the last ferry in going to the Island, she is on her way home because of an emergency. Tyler "Ty" Edgebright is on his way to the Perfect Blue Island Resort And Spa. He was on the harbor when he saw a beautiful young woman crying, and he cannot stop himself from admiring her angelic face since her beauty fascinated him. It shocked Ara when the famous"Island's Heartbreaker" Tyler, the hot and handsome son of the Business Tycoon who owned the five-star resort on the Island, offered her a free ride on his yacht in going home to the Island. Ara's boyfriend betrayed her with the person she trusted the most. His deception made her so lost and broken-hearted. ======= Excerpt: "I am not allowed to fall in love with you, right?" Arabella asked Tyler. "Yes." He replied. "What will happen if I will fall for you?" She asked. "Then, it is time we need to break up." He replied. Ara realized Ty's condition is a bit weird, but she grabbed it for she knew he is the only one who can help her mend her broken heart. But as they get to know each other, Ara realized she became more in love with Ty than her ex. Then one day Tyler breaks Arabella's heart when she finds out Tyler's greatest lie. It drove her to leave the Island with a promise that she would never set foot on the place where her heart had been shattered. But one incident caused Ara to return home to the Island, and she is compelled to face her ex-boyfriend, who is now the hot CEO of the Perfect Blue Island Resort. Tyler meets Ara again, she became more beautiful and gorgeous, but she came to be so cold towards him. Ty realized he wanted to win back Arabella's heart. But how can Ty change Ara's heart that turned harder than a stone, and colder than ice? Can Ara give herself a chance to trust and fall in love again with the same person who crushed her heart? ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia's Secret Falling In Love With Miracle My Friend's Arrogant Brother Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch The CEO's Perfect Mistake You Can't Buy My Love

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Feeling Lost

Arabella's POV

"Hey! Wait! Please!" I shouted. I kept yelling even though I knew the crew of the ferryboat could no longer hear me. I sat on the dock because I felt so frustrated that I had missed the last trip to my hometown, the place where I grew up and where I made dreams of becoming Matthew's wife.

"Hey, Miss, I already told you, you would not make it, yet you continued running and shouting; you wasted so much energy. If I were you, you better retire home and go back next week since there is no trip leading to the Perfect Blue Island at this hour. And there would be no trip on the coming days because of the upcoming storm." The porter said.

"Thank you, Sir, but I will just sit here; maybe some miracle will take place," I responded. I didn't want to sound rude, but I feel terrible that I didn't make it because I want to come home, whatever it takes.

"Good luck with that, unless you are a descendant of the God of the Sea." He answered and left. How could he mock me when he doesn't understand I am having a hard time right now? I realize I should head back to my apartment, where I shared with friends I met at the factory where I have my part-time job after my class and during summer break and holidays. But I want to get home because I need to. I can't help but cry as I read the text message I received this morning.

"Arabella, I am just worried about you; please go home, for your boyfriend is cheating on you. I am just so concerned about you." I was shocked at first, and I tried calling the number, but it was unreachable. I was about to weep again when I felt someone was behind me.

"Hey, excuse me, Miss, do you need some help?" I heard someone talking behind me, and I could tell he had a captivating voice that I could listen to him forever. I stood up from the ground, and when I turned around, I was shocked to find Tyler Edgebright.

All the females on the Island knew Tyler and wanted to be with him and dreamed of being kissed by him since Ty is the epitome of perfection, and he is the famous heartbreaker on the entire Island.

And I realized for the first time that he was indeed handsome and very charming. Furthermore, I was speechless as I continued watching him, and it was when he cleared his throat that I realized I was staring at him like a fan who had met his idol for the first time. To undo my embarrassment, I pretended I didn't recognize him.

"Why? Do you figure out you have the power to help me? Are you son of Poseidon?" I asked as I tried to sound sarcastic since I didn't want this heartbreaker to assume I was one of those girls who were so crazy about him.

"Wow! I already like you." He spoke, and he was smiling at me that I could feel my heart skip a beat, and I couldn't stop myself from having knots in my stomach; I hate to feel this way because I am in love with Matthew, my first and only love of my life.

"And wow, you have some guts, but I am sorry to disappoint you. I have a boyfriend waiting for me in Azure," I replied.

"Well, he will become your ex-boyfriend soon, and you will come running back to me." He said, and he sounded so confident in himself, and I know he has all the right to do so since if I don't have Matt in my life, I am sure I am throwing myself at him to experience how it felt to be his girlfriend.

"In your dreams," I replied, and it seems my reply amused him, and I hate watching the attractive dimples that make him more gorgeous. His perfect white teeth shone like a diamond as he smiled at me, and I can't deny it. I couldn't stop feeling butterflies on my chest as his intense gaze focused on my lips.

"I am sure I will dream of you tonight, baby." He said.

"And before I forgot, I asked the porter since you caught my attention. Since I can't contradict it, you are gorgeous and hot." He declared, and I couldn't help myself from blushing because never in my wildest dream did I imagine Tyler would call me hot and beautiful.

"He told me you need to go to the Perfect Blue Island, and I want you to know you can ride on my yacht since I am on my way to the resort." He added.

"I don't perceive if your silence means yes, or you are afraid to come with me, but if ever you change your mind, just approach me since I will leave in two hours, and I can't wait for you because the storm is coming." He said and turned his heels away from me, and I was left standing on the ground feeling so stunned.

I know Ty's offer is very tempting, and there is no other option I can go home at this hour. I should have come earlier, but I tried to finish my work since I didn't wish to waste my time because I wanted to earn more money for my college education.

I remained resting on the port as I watched the beautiful sky. I couldn't believe tomorrow would have terrible weather since the atmosphere looks peaceful and bright today.

The sun is setting on the horizon, and I want to follow Tyler, but I feel guilty for being unfriendly. He offered me a free ride, but I only gave him snarky remarks. I am not like this, but knowing his reputation makes me judge him for who he is even before I know him.

I don't know if the rumors are true, but I have seen him before with different girls. Most of them came from wealthy families, and they are all beautiful. Of course, many girls always call for his attention, I never have the chance to meet him since I am always with Matt, but it doesn't mean I haven't noticed him around.

I return to my original spot, and I open my phone again, and no matter how I reread the message, it never changes; the words are the same. I wanted to call Matt and ask him about the allegations, but his text messages are still sweet, and there is no sign that he is cheating on me.

But I am so desperate to discover the truth and to know what is going on with my boyfriend. And I think someone is trying to prank me or doing this for fun, but it doesn't stop me from feeling so lonely and sad the entire day.

I know Matthew is older than I by three years, but he was the one I have liked since I can remember. His family is well known in our place because they belong to the Elite group, and Matt's family owns some factories on the mainland. He stays there in their vacation home during summer and holiday breaks and sometimes during the weekend when he wants to go swimming. 

I know I already found my one true love since I was sixteen when Matthew became my boyfriend. I was the happiest girl on the Island when he asked me to become his girlfriend. For two years, Matt made me feel so special, and I could appreciate his love for me, and I wondered who is the girl behind his betrayal. I trust Matt, and I don't think he will do something like this; he loves me, and I count on him so much.

I was so lost in my thoughts about Matt that I overlooked the time. I only had fifteen minutes to spare, I ran towards his yacht, and I looked at him standing on the deck, and he smiled when he noticed me running towards his boat. He goes down to the harbor and meets me with a wide grin on his face.

"Welcome aboard!" He greeted me, and he helped me with my suitcase, and the moment his hand brushed with mine, I felt a spark that I tried to ignore.

I have a boyfriend, and I am with the heartbreaker and playboy of the Island. I perceive they own a mansion on the Island, and he throws a party for his friends and acquaintances. Being the eldest and only son makes him the most privileged of all the young adults on the Island.

"Thank you!" I said, and I gave him my sweetest smile since I realized I should be thankful to him because he is my savior, and I wish to take back his wrong impression of me. I don't choose to be like other people who judge without knowing the person first, and I hate myself for judging him even though he offers me his help.

"Wow! I never thought you knew how to smile. If you always do that, I will be heartbroken." He declared, and I got so confused with his words that I couldn't help myself raise my eyebrow.

"Don't be so surprised; your smile can melt any man's heart; it means you have a beautiful smile, and how I wish you would ever smile at me like that, but I am afraid to fall for you because I never fell in love with anyone before." He added as he looked at my face, and my smile faded since he was lying again.

How could he say he never fell in love when he had broken so many hearts already? And I wish to tell him what is on my mind, but I prefer him to think I don't know him.

"By the way, I am Tyler, but my friends call me Ty." He spoke as he offered his right hand to me.

"My name is Arabella Ravalli, and you can call me Ara or Bella," I replied as I took his grip. He grasps my hand for a long time, and I can't stop myself from blushing again.

I hate to feel this way since I have a boyfriend waiting for me; even though I want to surprise Matt that I am on my way to the Island, I am confident he is waiting for me, and it felt so wrong to get excited to know Tyler Edgebright.