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the broken cage


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the thing about the place was that it looked better in pictures. Diana glared hard at the small table in front of her. in the middle of the wooden thing, was a small cup of coffee that she wanted to drink so badly. only....there was no coffee in the cup. Diana huffed as she ran her pale freckled hand through her curly, golden hair. the frown on her face deepened when she realized that her beloved cookies were eaten as well. " JULIA! " Diana just knew that the green-haired girl had enough balls to eat her food and leave it just the way it was just to go on her jumping nerves...probably to prove that Diana wasn't as calm and collected as she wanted everyone to believe. She turned around to go to the girl's room to let her know that Julia was NOT getting away with this...at least this time. the newly sixteen years old preteen had become a whole new level of trouble ever since Tia had told her they could spar with each other and that the blond wouldn't hold back. Clark had been furious. He was the "dad" of the group which meant he tried to keep others out of trouble...when he wasn't around? the role was placed on William. Will was the "mum". he helped with the nightmares. personally, Diana tried to keep her dark thoughts to herself but he just seemed to know when she was feeling sad or she was fighting her demons. William made sure they were all eating and were staying as healthy as possible. of course, William knew how to take care of others...but he didn't have the slightest idea as to how to take care of HIMSELF. then... there was Jason. the street fighter that Clark just couldn't stay away long enough not to get angry at. Jason was always struggling. he was always in trouble and had the most bruises. they went through a lot together, but even after all that; the dark bruises never left his pale skin. his haunted eyes became better as they slowly adjusted to having a family. just like how she slowly became better after all the wounds that were stabbed deep onto her back. the group...the Astrin which was their name...became her family. They never left her as they slowly crawled near her and soothed away her pain. William sang her to sleep no matter all of her protests. he caught her nightmares and his calming voice turned her terrors into dreams. Clark made her believe that family wasn't blood but it was heart and feelings. he hugged her close to his chest to make her feel the true heart of a family. Tia was always there when life was pulling her down...but she was there when the dirt was hitting her knees. she was the one to tell her to believe. Jody with all of her biting words and phrases, let her taste the actual feeling of having a sister. she made her watch those movies without scolding the characters. she will never forget how they both sat under the counter as they quickly ate the sweet and at the same time, try to not be caught by William's narrowed ocean blue eyes. Sandy, the cutest little butterfly was the carefree spirit in the house. her small laughs brought joy to the silent house as the chatter started. Julia, their artist painted the walls, the floor their sleeping faces included in the deepest shade of green. her messy hair was being planted in her mind. she was the one who let her feel like the comforter instead of the comforted one. she cried with her as they both healed up. Jason... was the one who made her believe in love. she never imagined that one day she would miss him when she didn't see his blue, sad eyes for a single minute. never could she possibly believe that one day she would want to wake up next to him. his broken soul was her destination as his sarcasm was her most laughable joke. they made it so far... so many betrayals and sadness...but at the end of the day... they all became the only stars that shone the brightest even on those rainy nights. maybe she'll let Julia getaway this time.


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