The boys are back
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The boys are back


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What is The boys are back

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Josie Bolton is an orphan with a terrible life. Her life starts to change when her best friends, her boys and the closest thing she has to brothers come back to town. Together, Josie and the three boys get into all sorts of adventures, from breaking her out of her home which was basically a hell hole to setting her up with her crush. Trust me, you don't wanna miss them fall in love, make new friends, deal with heartbreak, go on crazy adventures and lots more in this book where friendship and family come to play.

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Personally from my own experience with having more guy friends than gal pals, the first chapter has me beaming with joy because I can completely relate with Josie!! And that disappointment feeling of having my bestfriends not being in school with me and yet surprising me all the more? You can’t tell me thats not wholesome at all 😭 Really love the warm vibes this story gives me, can’t wait to binge read the rest


It is definitely an incredible book with characters I can relate with. The author did a really good job on writing this, I definitely recommend this🙌🏽😃😃


I love this book. I'm not done reading yet but so far it's incredible. It's nice to read a book about friendship and family and love all in one. Thumbs up to the author.


Oh my~ What can I say about this story? I loved the characters. I love the FL and the brothers♡♡♡ #4Jsrock. I hate her uncle, how could he push everything to her!? I admire the FL as how she did not lose hope and was still the brightest in the group whenever she was with them. Recommended! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


A really great book about youth in revolt. If giving this book a try, I recommend reading the first three chapters minimum. You will get the story, the meanings, and so on. The writing is pretty well. Even the text scenes are written well. Overall a great read.


reading one by one chapters will make you more curious..and more interesting. the words are used very creatively. loved the each and every details explaining the background scenes and characters feelings❤❤


Ohh wow! I really like the concept of the book. And the narrative is also very accurate.. One can feel what the protagonist is feeling. Really liked the writing style. I have added it and will be waiting for more updates on this story. Good luck author. ☺


Creative use of words, the storyline develops well throughout the chapters .and we get to see the picture created by the author through their words. A good read.


A catchy title...The synopsis is interesting... So far, I read a few chapters and it's very good...I love reading **** romance novels...The choice of words & grammar is excellent... I liked Josie & her friend friendship who loved, cared for, and supported each other - It reminded me of my friendship with my friends...I highly recommend everyone to read this book...Masterpiece work, author!


The boys are back...catchy title and an insanely adventure filled book...I'm not done with it yet but I was tempted to leave a review..in two words...it's amazing


Use 'my first quick pass' with great privilege to open chapter 39 of this magnificent piece written by: Author: AnthoniaBajo It is distributed by volumes, it is in volume 1, so it allows you to know the author in all her first splendor. The history: The boys are back, Gender: Teen, It counts among its 39/40 Chapters with 8,249 Views. Really, the writing is fine and urban realism, with that adventurous greatness of young people who achieve all their possibilities and enjoy it. I invite you to continue reading.




hidden gem!!!! such a great novel. I am not the romance type but this book got me hooked. good job author keep up the good work. I'm curious to see where this goes


Interesting story! I can't wait for more updates! This is the type of book that I wanted to read. I'll definitely recommend this novel to everyone! kudos to the author! :>


Such a nice plot-line. The author did a great job creating this masterpiece. Its full of fun, adventure, friends and family. i highly recommend this book


Excellent! the story development is great though the writing skills are lack of words but I appreciate on how you maintain your Updating stability, nice well done Author!


Well, the sypnosis seems pretty interesting. I'm not yet done reading but I can this one will be a very incredible story. Not to mention, the words are written very well. Kudos to the author!


This novel is a masterpiece. Wow 🤩. Everything about this novel screams perfection. I totally recommend this book. Keep it up author, well done. 💪💪💪💪


Excellency captured in a well written story. A story so gripping that stopping to read it feels like a sin on the readers part. The author does a marvelous job on how she brings out the characters that are relatable. When you read this great story you get attached to the characters so much that you feel what they feel. I absolutely recommend this story to anyone you won't regret setting your eyes on this masterpiece.


Very interesting book with a catchy story line , definitely one of the best books I've read here. The grammar is also good and it leaves you always wanting more . Good book


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