The Boy King's Journey in TVD/TO As A Mikaelson Book

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The Boy King's Journey in TVD/TO As A Mikaelson


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In the veil between the seen and unseen world is a slumbering, wandering soul who unbeknownst to him through the passage of time as he slumbers, becomes a vessel for all the evils of the world of TVD/TO. The evil though eventually starts to overspill, it's vessel is starting to crack, like a glass being filled too much by boiling water, it does not know what to do, until the soul subconsciously using the power of the world of dreams seals the evil, in the Mark representing it in his mind, the Mark of Cain, And as he does, his soul, filled to the brim with the evils of nature drifts to a new born child, and their souls become one... He is once more a man made of flesh, blood and bone, He is the third oldest child of the Mikaelsons Sammael Mikaelson The Boy King... (Disclaimer: I don't own TVD or TO, they belong to their respective owners.) (Nothing I write should be taken literally, besides the things I sometimes will write about islamic theology, myself being a Muslim. but surprise, surprise my MC isn't this time. Also the rest I write are all my fictious thoughts. Also do know I write what I would read, I will take suggestions from you and I will listen you, but for the most part I will write what I would like to read and am sharing it with you guys.) (To support me, and I'm not asking for money, just 1 minute out of your day, I made this pretty much sound less short, with only my profile pic on it, and I need you to watch it once for the whole 1 minute. I wanna become part of the YouTube partner programme to be able to receive money from views. To do that I need 1000 subs and 4000 hours public view time, to get that I need some of you to please watch the 1 minute short and subscribe, thanks in advance! This is the short link, https://youtube.com/shorts/Tv2N9AWXpao?feature=share


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