The Bloody Angel
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The Bloody Angel


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What is The Bloody Angel

The Bloody Angel is a popular web novel written by the author Theblue_wings, covering Teen genres. It's viewed by 5.2K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Princess plz spare my life and I will tell you each and every........".He begged but this princess or should I say 'crown princess ' was not giving a sh*t about it. Slash, slash, slash "Dear king father, I am sorry but I am left with no choice ". She wiped off blood from her sword and eyelids as she killed them with her eyes closed. --------------------------------------_------------------------------------------ If your thinking that it's a typical love story with a Prince Charming and pretty princess, then dear your wrong. A story with a savage princess who hates herself and egoistic werewolf Alpha. One is "The Bloody Angel " while the other is "silver wolf ".Both against destiny . But let's see how universe is gonna play with them!! What was witnessed by three year old, Dazel that made her hate herself????? Am a newbie so what are you guys doing?? "support me" Kidding plz review and leave comments. Wanna chit- chat Discord:- Theblue_wings#8012 Um, guys a few ch were like appearing off ,so I have updated those plz enjoy and comment.

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Writing quality brings this novel low. OP really needs to go over his writing with a spell check. Please, this would help make the novel look better. The description is a bit sleazy, but that's okay. Keep up the good work.


There's a lot I liked about this novel. The character descriptions are vivid. This novelist has a real ability to make you "feel" what the characters are experiencing. I thought the plot was entertaining and well-paced as well. The only point off would be in some of the grammar and spelling early on. But for me, that didn't make me enjoy the story any less.


you won't find a better fantasy thriller novel the narration is good the story is captivating and can easily understood few things were messing up the story but the writer fixed those so overall a good read nice work author


the writer has done awesome work, the story and narration both at their best, the chapter has a few grammatical mistakes but it doesn't make any big effect on the story that are been improved in the further chapters good work author


Wow, wonderful imagination. The characters are well defined . The world background is good and intersting. Please do keep up your good work. Great thinking.


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Nice and interesting synopsis, Author! [img=recommend][img=recommend] Your characters are very likable, and seemed so sweet after I finished reading the first chapter. 😊😊 The world background is obvious based on how they talk and how they address each other, so good job! [img=recommend] Keep up the good work! 😁😁 Keep on writing! [img=recommend]


The idea of a ruthless princess is good. I think you should focus more on how you write and the way you plot the story. Try to read the books that you found comfortable and interesting then learn from how the authors wrote their books. Those are what I've always done to improve my writing. It takes time but practice makes perfect!


A very sweet cover page! The synopsis is intriguing and makes me curious about the content of your story. I like the way you use the typical classic novel scheme and mix it with other ideas. The plot is interesting. Well done! Good luck with the contest!


The concept is one of the classics. It includes things such as coronations, royalty settings, and more! I really am a fan of those things (somewhat), and i do love your book~ There are some points that I'd like to point out. In making dialogue, it would be better if you could make the proper commans and periods for the conversations for example. "I want to be the Queen of the Lakes and Dolphins. I want a handsome king, just like you, daddy!" Bella smiled. Bella and Steve pointed towards the Queen's crown with glee. "I want that one." Steve told, "Your crows is so heavy, deaddy. I don't want it!" The king nodded, "Yes, dear." Some of the dialogues here a bit mixed and matched, so try implementing the tips I gave you and from the internet. Kudos for the author!


one of the best political thriller and fantasy mix you can find on the whole webnovel app the writing is easy the story hooks from the start it's a must read


The plot is great all around, far better then my moronic novel. The only problem is the spelling mistakes that should not exist at all. Btw, advice from a fellow author. I suggest you begin releasing 3 chapters a day each 4 hours apart. That's how you draw readers. That's how I got about 2k readers in only 2 days. Lots of people love to check the update section of a genre.


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