1 Princess Savage

Kingdom of Alopia land gifted with each and every season, a humble and honest king with his beloved wife. Two mysterious princesses with an 'innocent crown princess'. But with a lot politics and conspiracies.


Capturing techniques over other kingdoms were being discussed under the leadership of a pair of smokey eyes of black iris. "Oh, Alpha of werewolves, seems like your tired of living. Let me help you to clear your existence from this world "in a sarcastic tone. "Your playing hide and seek with me? "Alpha exclaimed and chuckled. Kezia took the sword out of it's shield and pointed it's edge on his Adam 's apple.

"since, you have that much dedication, then let me narrate a story "Kezia said with bright eyes.

-----------------------------That story ----------------------------

Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom named Alopia. Thorn was the king with his beloved wife queen Maria .With three princesses Bella, Steve and Dazel. Bella and Steve were twins as Dazel was two years younger than them.

A lemon fresh sunny day with sunflowers and Marigolds covered the whole palace surroundings with their yellow glow. Matters of courts were being discussed.Suddenly three beautiful angels entered the court playing and running around. Being able to capture their beautiful aura was a golden opportunity to witness colourful butterflies flocking their wings around by spreading magical dust in the surroundings. Three chubby white babies running around in pastel coloured clothes.

"Wait for me, I.. I will get you now " a cute soft voice came

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"then come" the twins laughed.

"Stop " the cute baby shouted ,

even shouting was appearing a blessing . King and Queen were excited and were laughing. The ministers were staring like they were hypnotized.

"I will give you chocolates " the twins were surprised .

They walked towards Dazel but were seized by her

"Now I have caught the thief, you will go to prison now ".

Everyone burst out into laughter,'these kids'. Dazel noticed the attention on her and pouted in embarrassment. Her pouted lips of maroon and white bunny front teeth were enough to feel butterflies in the stomach.

The king stood up, hugged Dazel "oh, my cutie rabbit ".

Bella pouted "Are we not rabbits? "

Queen hugged Bella and Steve "oh, you guys are our mischievous mice ".

Once again the tensed environment took place of giggles and chuckles.

Minister Cavour started " My Lord, now it's time for us to select 'the crown princess as further training should be started ".

King nodded in agreement.

Queen interrupted "your majesty, it doesn't matter who will be 'the crown princess ' but I will make sure to shower equal love to all my cuties" with a smile but the problem was eating up from inside.

King asked "Any criteria for making the decision?? "

It was Minister Trek "your majesty, crown princess will not be only a ruler but also a worrioress so..... "

king asked "so? "

Minister Trek replied "your majesty, we should give princesses a night out alone and watch their performance".

Nobody knew that how the fu*k ,that horrible idea came in this minister's head but it was a ritual. "The sacred Ritual ".

"On that we can select 'the crown princess '.Trek finished and smirked.

King was about to reject the proposal but queen grabbed his fist and squeezed it lightly with an expression of 'it's alright ' but it was 'not' fine at all !!!!! Just a matter of time and the queen was opposing that decision.

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