The BloodHound: Von's Shades
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The BloodHound: Von's Shades


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What is The BloodHound: Von's Shades

Read The BloodHound: Von's Shades novel written by the author RodzZ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, modern, fantasy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Von's life had never been easy, and now it was even worse with Cerminian troops chasing him everywhere. Becoming a hound of one of the nation's great generals, Von takes advantage of his subordination by doing what he loves to do most: kill. His escort is none other than the daughter of his boss. Feelings will be discovered, desires revealed, and secrets will come out of the shadows. Meanwhile, nations prepare for war. Note: Chapters on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't have a computer at the moment, so I have been writing the chapters on my cell phone. With this, it is possible that some chapters will be delayed. I hope you understand.


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Real gritty. If you’re looking for something dark and serious, this novel is a no brainer. Hella nice to see someone put thought into how their nations work as well the economy that drives it (might just be me loving the attention to detail tho) The author is skilled with his words and it makes it easy to read and digest, easy recommendation from me!


I really liked the not rushed style and the tainted environment where Von was born in and how corruption tints everything. Von is intriguing and easy to like, in spite of his tough personality. Anti-hero vibes? It's rare to find a novel where the balance between world-building and action is done well. Also, this novel has something very welcoming: well-developed characters and meaningful background. Don't miss this novel, add it to your library. Still a hidden gem, but very promising.


It's a book with elements of noir graphic novels, very intriguing. Not more of the same, but a well written and entangled story. It hooked me! If you like this type of novel and is on the fence about reading this story, just go for it! 🇧🇷


Overall review, 4.6 out of 5 I have no complaints with anything other than the writing quality, which I gave a 3/5 (explanation below) Reading this novel was a bit hard, due to the overexcessive use of commas, which plagued my reading experience, until it kinda felt like this sentence right here, long and dragging, with multiple commas placed in a far too long sentence, except that this style of writing was used all across your paragraphs. That was pretty hard to read, right? Sentence variation is key, and can make your story more enjoyable to read. For example, you don't want to overuse super long sentences that can tire your reader out, but you also can't keep using choppy sentences either. Periods, semicolons, commas, hyphens, and all sorts of things can increase sentence variation. But the story is great overall. 4.6/5, neat ideas. Good luck on writing!


Well... so fantastic. The scenario, the development, the characters... i'm in love with this book. Anyway, you have my prestige. That world makes me delight 'bout my thoughts. I'd wish to do part of something like that.


Highly rich in environmental details, these chapters show the author's creativity in a surprising way. The character is very interesting and I'm curious to know what direction he will take with all this violence. The story shows a lot of secondary character development, which helps a lot to develop the plot as a whole.


So far, so good! This is some action-packed sequence of events as I read through the few chapters of the story! This is not my cup of tea, but it is now after reading this novel~ Kudos for the author!


Good start! The story has potential and your writing quality is also great! The way you described the scenario is really impressive. Keep up the good work!


Hello readers, how are you? I would just like to inform you that the story will be divided into three major arcs. We are still far from the end of the first arc, very far indeed. But I would still like to inform you that this story will not be that long. Maybe 100 to 150 chapters, no more than that. I believe that the value of a story (fictional as well as real life) comes from its finitude. That's all I wanted to say. Leave your =P at the end of the comments. =P


Strong work, and win." "Ahead, we taka victory and slátra." "If the gods will it, we vinna." "The gustr of wind calls our victory." "Join me félagi fighter, fight strong." "Fate will be on our side félagi fighter." "Today will be our day, fight ríkr." "The Allfather will gift us today." "Trust nature, then trust yourself." "When they fall, we rise." "Together, we will slátra our enemies." "As one we will be gifted with victory." "Our path is made today." "I am prepared for the fight." "You and I will survive together." "Trust your senses and victory will follow." "The place between life and death is where I feel most alive." "félagi fighter, the end is decided, trust it." "I am Blóðhundr, you can call me Bloodhound."


Romance is made of veiled actions. There are no battles and gratuitous deaths. The evolution of the characters is shown in each chapter. The background of Von and Sophie stimulates my curiosity. Chapter 9 "Bad Habits" is my favorite so far. ( And the last one I read so far). I really love this novel. For the readers. The BloodHound :Von's Shades is the perfect balance of action, romance, mystery and setting description. You can imagine the smell and the atmosphere while reading.


It's amazing how the scenario is described. Will the character Von and his nebulous background be explored in the future? I'm looking forward to it. The corrupted romance (the author's words) of Mc with Sophie is something so good that it turns an action novel into a smoldering romance. I loved discovering this novel. Please post more chapters.


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