The Black Pearl
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The Black Pearl


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What is The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is a popular web novel written by the author Yoursecretwriter99, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 23K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 17 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Demitria Frostine grew up in the town. She had no one until she was found by River,The only family she considered. They both fought the life in the town, sell vegetables and fruits on the streets. Delivering them and even taking up jobs they can to earn money. But a day came, where intruders attacked the Kingdom of Ingram and Demitria was there, She protected the people and defended them against the Black shadow warriors, opponents from the Kingdom of Shadows. With great tactics and abilities, What will happen to her after the attack? What will come more?

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Excellent work! When I read the synopsis, I knew exactly what I should expect from the story. The plot is simply wow! Enjoying every bit of it.


I love how the synopsis intrigues me and is pulling me to read more as your writing style caught my interest. I love the book and I am willing to wait for more updates😍😍


Wow! I'm really in love with the main character. The story is amazingly well written, and I'm keen to the way the writer shows that "No matter who you are, You always can prove yourself if you try hard enough..."


Give it a read guys and show some love! Follow Demi on her adventure, she is such an interesting character, I am sure you'll love her. The author paints vivid scenes!


Wow. The synopsis got me! It is extremely interesting, even the storyline is well written. The characters that the author wrote is also interesting, makes me wanna read it until the end! Good job author!❤


woah, a strong female lead I love her! the descriptions are amazing! for me, I find it hard to describe fighting scenes. It's easier to illustrate than to write but boy, the author's amazing!


Action, More Action. A strong female lead.. Totally loving the book. I hope she gets to belong and sit on the throne that was meant for her. Writing quality is hundred percent solid. I love it. River sounds like an amazing brother♥️


i liked the plot.... the construction of the story is good... keep up the good work and keep going!! ... the main character is amazing .... .


The details, the vocab, the writing style, I'm amazed by it all. And the plot is so interesting and unique?? Like I'm honestly hooked and I wan't wait to read more.


This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna read it so much. If this novel got some drive, then thanked God its still alive. This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. I need this novel like it's quite all right. I need this novel to warm my lonely nights. Just read this novel, cause I... say... Shameless Promotion: Check out my novel: Crowning Cruel Crow. Hahaha. https://m.webnovel.com/book/crowning-cruel-crow_18100192205265505


Hi everyone! this is Yoursecretwriter99, the author of "The Black Pearl" and "Four Perfect Storm". as you see I am dropping a shameless review on my own novel. I would like to say thank you for all the reviews your are giving this novel and also thank you for reading my novel. As you see grammatical errors are very common in every chapter but please bare with me, this is the first novel that I have written in full English and I am still adopting. I promise to make room for improvement! I hope to see you all as we join Demitria Frostine in her journey!!


The main character stands her ground despite facing a high number of enemies. Characters are built up, so you get to know the deeper thoughts and ideas motivating them


The build of the world is great. I like the way how you're very descriptive with the places and actions. The flow of the story is awesome I like how you construct your words though there were some grammatical errors here and there that's okay as you can know that you have more room to improve. I'll definitely continue reading your work. It interests me very much. Waiting for updates. [img=update][img=recommend]


The way the detail is written is really polished, I like how the author describes the place and people. The flow is also really good, it can get you addicted the more you read, and immerse in it... It is a first-person perspective, that's why you really can sense the story and enjoy the flow in it... Highly recommended... I wait for more chapters from you, Author sama...


Wow! It's a great story. It is very intriguing and it captures my interest. I would love to be part of this journey. Waiting for more chapters to come🥰


I'm in loved with your writing style. Neat and was written elegantly. Especially, describing the character piqued my interest Dialogue is good and the flow of the story looks intriguing. I can't wait to read more chapters. Highly recommended ❤


Reveal spoiler


It is nice seeing a girl protagonish fight bad guys with the use of her special powers-and this is one of the best examples that I've seen thus far! I invite every ready to join in and follow Demi and her adventures!


This is a beautifully written book, the description is so descriptive and we can see what the characters are thinking. The plot concept is also fantastic. Good work author


Great story. I am really looking forward to the battle of elements until to the day that Demitria save River. Waiting for the next chapter


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