4 Chapter 4: Failure in Unifying Habits

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Closing the computer, Arthur glanced outside at the Maple Elite Entertainment building and spoke softly, "Are you here to have fun?"

"No." Daisy Zane's voice and aura both felt distant and hard to approach, yet her manners and behavior were very polite and well-mannered. "I'm working here."

"Did you sign with Maple Elite Entertainment?" Allonzo Hobson asked, "You want to develop your career in the entertainment industry?"


"What direction are you looking to develop in?" Allonzo was one hundred percent sure that this was a newcomer, otherwise with her looks, it would be impossible for her to appear without knowing about it.


"Acting is great." Allonzo, having a Best Actress mother himself and naturally being talkative, became excited, "Maple Elite Entertainment is good, and Truro City is a film studio, very convenient. Your conditions are good, with just a slightly better script and production team, you can definitely become popular..."

As Allonzo said all this, Arthur could only sit in the copilot seat and look at the girl in the back seat through the rearview mirror.

The girl sat casually, with her back slightly leaning against the seat, legs together and hands resting in her pockets. Her posture was very well-behaved, yet full of confidence.

Her appearance was exquisitely cold, especially those phoenix eyes, the corners of which slightly turned up, giving her an impressive air.

But she was also very patient.

Allonzo had so much to say, speaking fast and carelessly.

Yet she responded to each and every one of them.

Although mostly with only a few words.

The journey ended with Allonzo's rundown of the entertainment industry.

Once they reached the entrance of the residential estate, Daisy Zane got out of the car and thanked them before entering the estate.

Arthur kept his gaze on her until she disappeared from view.

It wasn't until Arthur looked away that Allonzo Hobson started the car again and said with a smile, "Third Master, are you smitten?"

Arthur ignored him, opened his computer, and accessed an encrypted file.

"To say something rebellious, I think she's even prettier than my mom," Allonzo said. "It's no wonder our Third Master is smitten."

"Your mom would disown you if she heard that," Arthur said without lifting his head.

Allonzo laughed and then said more seriously, "I heard that Roy Ryder came to Truro City last night and stirred up an underground auction in Sky Rights Hotel. He took away all those weird antiques with unidentified origins. The hotel's surveillance system still hasn't recovered."

"Criminals preying on criminals," Arthur said. "Sky Rights Hotel deserves some lessons."

"Truro City is pretty interesting," Allonzo said with a smile. "It seems to have suddenly become livelier."


Everlasting Palace was a newly built property, with a quiet location and pleasant scenery.

Developers built it for wealthy businessmen to retire or vacation in.

As a result, the housing prices were inflated.

So there were very few people living there.

Daisy Zane chose this place because of its quietness, distance from the bustling city, and excellent security. She bought a top-floor apartment in the most expensive building.

In addition to the nicely furnished building, the top floor offered a panoramic view of the entire Truro City, which was very beautiful.

Returning home, Daisy opened the door and saw a high heel lying paralyzed near the entrance. The other one was... temporarily lost.

She changed her shoes and went in, spotting the other one at the guest room entrance.

The only person she had given the password to was Robinson Scott. No one else would dare take off their shoes in her room like this.

Daisy opened the guest room door.

Robinson was very alert, opened her eyes at the sound, and looked towards the entrance with bloodshot eyes.

Seeing that it was Daisy, she lay back down on the bed and buried her head in the pillow, "Brother Nine, you're back?"

"When did you get here?" Daisy asked, not bothering to correct her name-calling due to her current state.

"More than an hour, I guess." Robinson's weak voice, after finishing this sentence, seemed to fall asleep, "I haven't slept for two nights in a row. The commotion at the Sky Rights Hotel last night was quite big."

"Hmm." Daisy leaned against the door frame and responded, "I was at home all day."

"Good." Robinson answered, then immediately fell into a deeper sleep.

With Daisy around, she just needed to sleep – anything else would be taken care of.

Gently closing the guest room door, Daisy ignored the shoes at the entrance, went back to her room, took her computer, and sat on the balcony, adjusting the format of the report.

She finished adjusting the format in a few seconds, changing the line spacing from 18 points to 1.5 times.

Daisy was used to writing with an 18-point line spacing and seeing that spacing. She intended to unify the spacing with the professor's preferences.

But… it hadn't been successful this time.

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