The Bad Boy's Promise

“You said you would leave me alone!” She snarled into his direction. “What the fuck are you doing in my bedroom?” “Pleasuring you.” He cooed before raising his shiny fingers, “Look how you coat me. How wet you are, Leah.” She stared at the glistening fingers in the moonlight. Gulping at the sight of them, she sighed wearily before turning her eyes to him, “Lea-Ahh..” she moaned as he plunged his fingers inside, one by one, leisurely with no hurry, making her her legs quiver. “God..” “God?” He whispered against her ear, “No god, sweetness. Just me.” . ****** It was a dream to live like Leah Adams. And it was something she wished for once every day when she looked at her classmate. It was just a wish, a little thought she had. Until it came true, quite literally. The opportunity was thrown in her lap by no one other than Leah’s Adams father. She had to behave like his daughter, study like his daughter and rule a school like his daughter would. But with her broken mind and spirit, it was easily said and done especially when she had no home to go back to. The home that was burned forever. ***** Dark romance. You have been warned.

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The one chance - I

She could only see with one eye. No, the left eye had not been completely ruined but it was a bandage that closed it shut and hence, her vision was restricted to one eye.

Victoria had not expected the woman to go as far as to give her treatment after torturing her to this limit. When she woke up and found herself unable to see from her left eye, Victoria had immediately assumed for the worst. The woman had taken her eyeball out.

But no, Fortunately enough, the woman had been kind enough to leave her alone and stretch the mark from her eyebrow to an inch below her eye.

The mark was definitely going to stay. it was not like she could afford plastic surgery for the next 10 years or so. So Victoria would definitely have to live with it.

Raising her trembling hand to touch the bandage, Victoria closed her eyes as one tear fell from the one she could see from.

Why did it have to be her? Why did it have to be her who had been helping someone just out of the goodness of her heart? Why out of everyone in the world does she have to suffer?

Could the world not be kind just once?


The cars were not here meaning the house was empty. So, Victoria did the next best thing. The only thing she could think of right now and that was constantly on her mind.

Making her way downstairs, with a bag in her hand and with the eyesight of one hour only, she moved to the basement and once again found the keys on the same spot as they had always been.

They must have considered her stupid enough to repeat the actions again.

Yet, here she was. Repeating the same actions that had resulted in her getting her skin cut as punishment.

Opening the door to the prison cell that he was staying in, Victoria stared at him from the doorway before throwing contents of the bag towards him.

He blinked, adjusting to the light before his eyes found her and widened slightly. "Sh-shit." He swore and attempted to get up but fell down and Victoria's eyes glanced at the reason why.

His massively swollen foot.

Her heart ached but she swallowed. It was not the time to let her resolve go weak.


"You are not a person who is worthy enough for someone's kindness and loyalty and courage and everything that I have done for you." Victoria hissed, her eyes once again brimming with tears. "You are a selfish person who only thinks about himself and I truly wish that whatever you have done here that has cost me something, comes back to you!"

The boy gulped. "trust me Victoria—"

"Victoria! Hah!" She laughed, "Look at that, you know my name but I have no idea what yours is!"

"Trust me when I say this, Victoria," he licked his lips, "I will make up for each and every thing you have done for me." His eyes shined with sincerity and truth but Victoria's heart was swimming with the hurt of the betrayal and the pain of the card that she has not been given painkillers for.

She scoffed and took a step back out of the doorway. "Just eat your food."

Without giving another look back and listen to what he wanted to say, she closed the door and placed the keys back on the table after locking the door. As she moved upstairs, and crossed the room to go to the small window at the end of the wall she noticed a car in the driveway.

A car?

Victoria narrowed her eyes when the door opened and an unfamiliar woman stepped out.

That's when it hit her.