The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

_Kirirei_ · Anime & Comics
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127 Chs


A few quiet days had gone since the end of the lengthy and worthwhile training camp, and summer vacation was coming to an end.

Haruto was currently leaning against his kitchen counter as he watched Mahiru do her magic as she cooked lunch for the two of them.

He was scrolling through his phone still finding locations for their next date and he was able to show Mahiru a few areas that looked nice.

"Oh! This looks like a nice place doesn't it? We haven't been to a festival since that last time during golden week, many months ago."

Mahiru stopped chopping the cabbage she held in her hand and gazed upwards towards Haruto's phone that showed pictures of beautifully crafted paper streamers.

Each decoration provided a scenic look as each of them were bright in color and complimented the festival atmosphere they wanted to create.

Her eyes twinkled with curiosity and interest as she encouraged Haruto to keep showing her photos of the festival. Haruto watched her expression and noted the great interest in her eyes and tone as she told him to keep swiping.

"That place looks amazing with all those decorations…"

"It looks like we found our next date spot then."

Haruto smiled and wrote the festival's name and address on his notes so he could research it before they would go and visit.

On the other side of the counter, Mahiru watched as he started to type down on his phone and began to hum happily, excited to know where their next date would be.

She resumed chopping the cabbage and tried to finish lunch as quickly as possible so that she could discuss their date in further detail.

She finished preparing the ingredients and when she was about to make the sauce, she noticed something when looking through the cabinet.

"Do we have no more mirin left?"

"I thought we still had one more bottle left."

Haruto placed his phone down and crouched down beside Mahiru who was looking for that very bottle. They rummaged through the containers they had and to no luck, couldn't find it.

"Can you make a quick run to the store to get some?"

Mahiru placed the bottles she took out back into the cabinet and asked Haruto since it was a quick run for him. They locked eyes with each other and after a moment of silence, Haruto's mouth curved into a playful grin.

"Hmm~, sure I could go but I really need some motivation to help me."

"You…. Is lunch not enough motivation for you?"

"It's high up there but there must be something that could help encourage me further."

Mahiru's cheeks took a delicate shade of red as she realized what he wanted. Since their time together at the training camp and after, they have gotten closer as a couple and were more open with showing their love.

Small displays of affection were becoming more common between them, but there were still embarrassing undertones that were difficult to shake off.

Mahiru pulled his face closer and gave a quick peck on his cheek, and noticed the happiness he radiated once he got what he wanted.

"Is this enough motivation for you to go now?"

"Yes, it gave me a lot more than I expected."

He raised his hand and tilted Mahiru's head to the side to also give her a light kiss on the cheek and stood up.

"I'll be back quickly."

Haruto gave a warm smile and rushed out of the apartment to buy the bottle of mirin that Mahiru needed for lunch.

Mahiru who was still crouched down near the floor, placed her hand on the cheek Haruto kissed her on. She gave a giddy smile as she remembered the feeling and stood up to cook the other dishes as she waited for him to come back.

*Ding Dong~

"Did he forget something? No, he has his keys so he should have opened the door instead of ringing."

Mahiru mumbled to herself as she wiped her hands and went to the door to see who it was. As she opened it, her eyes widened as she was surprised to see who it was and hastily welcomed them inside.


"Who would have thought I would find this on sale, lucky~."

Holding a large plastic bag in his hands, Haruto saw the large tub of premium matcha ice cream he got, alongside the mirin that he was supposed to get.

As he quickly got what he needed, Haruto wanted to see if some items were on sale and couldn't help but notice the ice cream that was about to disappear due to the crowd of people

Luckily he was able to get a tub and quickly made his way home as it was pretty hot outside and didn't want the ice cream to melt.

"I'm home! I got the bottle that…. Hmm? Did we get some visitors?"

A pair of women's loafers were neatly placed near the entrance and Haruto tilted his as he tried to remember if anyone said they would come over.

He walked into the living room and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw his mother sitting at the living room table, drinking some tea.

"Ah, welcome back! Mother came over since she said that she was in the area and wanted to give us something."

Mahiru who was in the kitchen, came up to Haruto who was looking at his mother with a skeptical look on his face. Yui felt his gaze and looked back at him, after a moment of silence she nodded her head and resumed drinking her tea.

"She really likes to go at her own pace."

Haruto gave a wry smile and handed over the mirin to Mahiru and placed the ice cream in his freezer.

"What made you suddenly want to visit?"

"Gifts. And I wanted to meet you after your camp."

Yui said in a plain tone and placed a small red box in front of her. Haruto curiously held the box in his hands and read the title on the box.

"[Egg of the Sun] Miyazaki Mango? Oh so you got some fruit for us?"


He inspected the exterior of the box for a while longer before opening the package. He saw bright plump red mangos that were neatly placed in a wooden crate and wrapped in a pink foam net.

"These look like some premium stuff… Thank you for the gift."

"No problem."

Yui drank her tea after hearing Haruto's appreciation and tried her best to hide the smile that was growing on her face.

With bright colors that seemed to appear behind her, she continued to look at her son who noticed a neatly folded origami that came with the box.

"Lunch is almost finished. Mother, you will be eating lunch with us right?"

Mahiru who was wiping her hands came to the table where the two of them were at and asked Yui expectantly. Yui planned to just quickly say her greetings but after seeing the hopeful look in her eyes, she couldn't help but say yes.

"Perfect! It may not be a whole variety but I hope it fits your tastes."

"I'm sure it will be delicious."

Yui froze for a bit after seeing the bright expression Mahiru had after hearing her answer and held back the urge to pamper her.

As she was trying to fight with her inner self, the mangos that she bought caught the eyes of Mahiru who read the name printed on the box.

"Miyazaki Mangoes….!!!!!"

She mumbled under her breath as this name sounded familiar and her body flinched when she immediately remembered where she heard it from.

"Um, how much did these mangoes cost…?"

Mahiru carefully asked Yui as she wanted to see if her memory served her correctly. Yui snapped out of her thoughts after hearing her question and told her the price that she paid.

"It was around 85,000 yen ($600) if you count it all together."


Haruto, who was about to pull one out, stopped himself and took his hand away. He looked at his mother with a face of disbelief, realizing the amount she spent on a pair of fruit.

"I wanted the best ones for your present."

"I see…"

The two of them stared at the fruit on the table as if it was some kind of gold and met each other's eyes to convey something.

"I really want to try this right now."

"Have it later. I'll cut it after lunch and we could also pair it with the ice cream you bought earlier."

"Great idea! I will trust you with handling this golden fruit."

"I will be sure to not waste a single drop."

The two of them nodded seriously and Haruto licked his lips in anticipation since he wondered what a premium mango would taste like.

'They seem to like it…. Let me buy some more next time.'

Yui noted the expressions of her two family members across from her and decided to buy them more the next time she comes and visits.


Well I went on a spontaneous trip with some people and I must say a 3 hour train is pretty relaxing. Also I heard that one pair of Miyazaki Mangoes got sold for around $4000 and that's insane. Anyways I hope you enjoyed it. Peacu.