The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

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127 Chs

Rock Climbing

"They should be around this area right?"

Haruto questioned himself as he was walking down the side of the street to meet up with some people. It was the day where he would go with some guys for rock climbing and he arrived at the area they said they were waiting at.

"Heyy Haruto! We're over here!"

Haruto looked up at his screen and saw Bokuto waving his arms around wildly. His loud voice attracted the attention of strangers and they all glanced at him to see what he was doing.

Luckily Akaashi quickly closed his mouth to shut him up and bowed slightly to apologize for the commotion Bokuto caused.

"He's really high in energy today"

"Maybe it's because he was able to get out of trouble for knocking out his principal's wig when he came to visit their team."

Haruto approached the group of people and Kuroo answered Haruto's analysis on Bokuto's energy levels.

"His principal also wears a fake wig? What a coincidence since ours does the same."

"Really? it's the same for us too"

"I guess male principals are required to wear fake hair now."

"I guess so."

Haruto didn't know what to say after hearing that their schools also had principals that wore fake hair. Daiki, Misaki and Kuroo nodded their heads and started to tell stories of times it almost slipped off when they did their speeches for the entrance ceremony.

"Is Kenma coming?"

"Nah, he said that he needed to play a 1vs1 against a person who was talking shit to him online."

Haruto gave a wry smile to Kuroo's response and gave a silent prayer to the poor soul wishing that he won't break his monitor playing against Kenma.

They waited for a couple more minutes for the others to come by and after seeing everyone arrive, they made their way towards the rock climbing facility.

Once they entered through the doors they saw various stone walls and the colorful ledges attached to them.

There were a few people at certain areas of the facility but there was more than enough space for them to use.

"Woah everything here looks so tall..."

"Even a water cooler looks tall to you so why are you surprised by this?"

Hinata began to wander around the place as his eyes shined looking at the colorful walls. Kageyama bluntly retorted to him and they began their usual bickering sessions with Haruto trying to stop them.

"Bokuto-san, don't climb the wall yet, we need to get our harnesses first."

"Ehhh can't we just climb without it?"

Akaashi started to pull Bokuto off the wall and drag him towards the front desk to get their equipment. Kuroo saw the two different groups and felt like he's seeing mothers take care of their children in public.

Taking a while to settle in, they finally got all of the required equipment to start climbing and one instructor started to teach them how to release and hook the safety line so they could climb safely.

Once they got it down everyone got into their own areas and started to go up.

Haruto looked up and saw the different coloured ledges that symbolizes the difficulty of that certain path.

He saw the difference between the black ledges which were so tiny and narrow to the green ones which were large and had a lot of room to use.

"I think I could go for a semi-difficult one."

Haruto said as he looked to the blue ledges that were perfect to start off on. Other than doing this as a fun activity, he also wanted to practice his control of balance.

Grabbing onto the first ledge, Haruto felt the rough texture and gripped onto it while placing his foot into position. Looking up he envisioned the path he would take and slowly made his way up the wall.

As he progressed he felt unbalanced with each foot hold he stepped on and had to look back on his path.

'I should probably lower myself a little to get to the next foot hold.'

Haruto thought as he lowered his body a bit while still holding onto the protruding ledges. By lowering himself his balance got better and more controlled, so he resumed his journey up the wall.

Grabbing onto the last handle, he reached the top and felt a sense of accomplishment reaching the top on his first try.

"Whew~. That was pretty fun."

Haruto smiled and looked around and saw that the others had also reached the end of the wall. They looked at each other and realized that they now had to scale down the wall.

"Is Mr. Daiki scared to come down now~"

Kuroo who was at the bottom saw the hesitant look on Daiki's face and gave a gloating look towards him.

"Shut up! I was just about to go down."

Daiki said and gulped before finally having the courage to let go of the hand holds and letting the safety line slowly lower him down.

Haruto followed behind and pushed himself down safely using his legs as he sank gradually. When he landed on the ground he looked around to see how the others were doing and paused when his eyes landed on Bokuto.

"He'll get sick if he keeps swinging like that right?"

"But I'm not sure how we could help him."


Bokuto got into a situation where his safety line got twisted so as he descended he started to spin around fast. This doesn't include the fact that he started to flair around, making him swing side to side as if he was a pendulum.

"Bokuto-san, how does this happen again?"

Akaashi gave a deadpanned look as he sighed out and quickly scaled the wall to help the swinging Bokuto. He stopped his movement and assisted him back onto the ground with experienced movements.

"Akaashi is pretty amazing at handling Bokuto like that."

"He said 'again' didn't he? Does this happen quite a lot..."

Kuroo and Haruto gave a slight applause towards Akaashi which made him tilt his head wondering why they were clapping.

Haruto went back to the wall and attached himself to the safety line to go climb a second time. Kuroo saw this and an idea popped into his head.

"Hey wanna make a bet to see who climbs the wall the fastest?"

"I refuse"

"Ehh why not, it will be fun."

"The bets you choose are horrendous. Remember having to make Hinata eat a spoonful of wasabi after losing that match he had with you."

Haruto remembered the time back at the practice matches and how Hinata had to go through that deadly wasabi spoon.

"Hmm how about this then. When we go to the beach you have to buy me some donuts from that fancy store near it."

"...Make it the same way for me and we have a deal."

Kuroo changed his suggestion after hearing Haruto's response and they shook hands sealing the deal. They got into positions and had someone count them down to signal the start of their bet.


"It looks like your long arms couldn't help you out this time~"

Haruto gave a huge grin towards Kuroo who felt his smile twitch from Haruto's words. The bet between Haruto and Kuroo ended in Haruto's victory which he was very happy for.

After hours of going through various walls, they had finally finished their session at the facility and all of them were finding a place to eat for lunch.

"Should we find a ramen place to eat at?"

"I just hope they don't have that scary red ramen that Haruto had before.

Hinata's mouth began to feel pokes on it as he remembered the fiery abomination that was in that bowl of ramen.

"Yakiniku is definitely a good way to end an exercise!"

Bokuto said out loud and everyone agreed to his idea as eating meat after a workout is always a good plan of action.

"Why don't we go to Kenma's house since he texted me that he would buy us food."

Kuroo suddenly said something which attracted the attention of everyone around him.

"Why does he want to buy food at his place?"

"He said that he's in a happy mood since he crushed a person online, leading his opponent to smash his keyboard in the process."

Everyone who heard his words were speechless as they didn't know how to react knowing the source of Kenma's happy mood.

"I guess that it's a yes then. Don't worry, he said that he'll order lots of protein for us."

Kuroo said as he gazed back onto his phone to relay a message to Kenma. Everyone just followed along and agreed to go to his place. They followed Kuroo and he led them to Kenma's house to have a quick lunch.


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