The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

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Group Chat

The afternoon sunlight glowed through the gym's window and the sound of shoes squeaking alongside the sounds of guys yelling could be heard.

The guys from Karasuno were finishing up their practice with a quick scrimmage game while the three managers were quickly putting away the equipment that they had used during some of their drills.

"Mahiru, are you sure that you're still not sick?"

"I'm fine Hitoka, plus I wasn't sick in the first place."

Yachi said in a worried tone as she felt Mahiru was acting a bit strange after missing school yesterday.

"But your cheeks are redder than usual."

When Mahiru heard Yachi's words she subconsciously glanced towards Haruto who was playing and her face grew even redder after remembering the events that happened yesterday.

"I-I will take care of those cones for you!"

Mahiru quickly rushed and took the cones that were near the entrance of the gym leaving a confused Yachi. Kiyoko was near them and saw the small glance Mahiru did before running off.

'Hoh did some progress happen..'

Kiyoko smiled as she naturally knew from seeing how Haruto and Mahiru interacted that they had something going on between them. So seeing this change in Mahiru she knew for certain that something must have happened.

"Okay everyone wrap it up and start to take down the net."


As Kiyoko and Yachi followed Mahiru, Ukai yelled out to stop the scrimmage since it was nearing the end of their practice. Everyone finished the last point and began to take down the net while getting ready to go home.

"Hahh I want to go home already and sleep.."

"Must be hard always having to bike to school and going back. You have my condolences."

Hinata gave out a yawn and grumbled as he stuffed all of his extra clothes into his bag. Haruto gave a reassuring pat on his shoulder as he knew that even after practice he rides his bike to commute to school, so he does the same going back.

After saying his goodbyes to everyone he walked out the gym and waited for Mahiru as he usually would but he felt a bit nervous for some reason after the whole situation yesterday.

"Bye Mahiru see you tomorrow!"

"Yes I'll see you tomorrow."

Haruto heard Yachi and Mahiru exchange goodbyes and she silently approached Haruto who was near the entrance of the gym. Haruto also said goodbye to her and looked towards Mahiru who was giving repeated glances towards him.

"Come let's go home now."


The two of them walked together and didn't talk for the first few minutes along the way. As they were walking Haruto tried to peek at Mahiru who was beside him and saw how she would slightly flinch when they locked eyes.

They stared at each other for a while before Haruto tried to hold back his grin from forming after seeing the various faces Mahiru was making during their face off.

"How long are you going to stare at me?"


Mahiru felt annoyed seeing Haruto start bursting into laughter and she began to repeatedly smack Haruto on the shoulder. Her hits didn't contain any power behind them but were just done to make Haruto stop laughing.

"I'm sorry it's just I had never seen you this flustered so it's a whole new experience for me."

"Ouu, you can't blame me since I cried so much in front of you yesterday and I feel ashamed.."

Mahiru covered her face trying to forget the embarrassing state she had shown yesterday. Haruto chuckled a bit more before placing his hand over her head and ruffled it gently.

"Well, I'm happy you showed it since it gives reassurance that you trust me enough to see that vulnerable part of yourself."


"Of course. Plus you have done so much for me so I felt happy that I could finally do something for you, even something such as lending a shoulder for you to lean on."

Mahiru was silent as she looked at Haruto's face and after a while she quickly approached him and gave a big hug.

"Thank you for being there for me and being by my side…"

"You're welcome."

Haruto patted Mahiru on the back as she gave him a big hug. After a while she released him and wore a lovely smile on her face that made Haruto stunned.

"Come let's go home quickly. I planned to make some of that deep fried chicken that you like."

"Huh.. Madam Mahiru you are the best!!"

Mahiru giggled at his playful response and led the way in front of him with a slight skip in her steps. Haruto watched her back and how her hair danced in the air as she skipped.

Words quickly appeared in his head from the time Akane had come over to do her surprise visit.

"Don't regret not doing anything…"

Haruto whispered as he started to jog and catch up to Mahiru who was waiting for him and shouting to hurry up.


"Haruto, it should be done in about 30 minutes."

"Alright I'll just wait in the living room until it's done."

Haruto replied to Mahiru after she told him how long until the chicken will be done cooking. He plopped down on the couch and took out his phone, trying to search for some rock climbing places that were close to him.

He wanted to do an activity that will help with improving his body strength and balance to better condition himself for his hitting. He searched online and found that rock climbing was a great way to help him.

"This place is kinda far but closer compared to the other locations.."

Haruto found a place and looked at their website for further details and thought in his head when would be the best time for him to go.


As he was thinking, Haruto heard his notification go off and saw the name [RoosterHead] pop up and knew just who sent him a message.

[What do you what]

[Tsk how cold. I thought after talking for so long you would be kinder to me *sob*]

[Geh please stop saying stuff like that. It creeps me out.]

[Haha you sound just like Kenma. Anyways you coming here for the practice games right.]

[Yeah I just need to get my finals done with and we'll be there.]

[Pretty confident in your studies huh~]

Haruto continued to text Kuroo and asked him about some specifics about the practice matches such as teams going since he doesn't know the volleyball schools in Tokyo.

[How many teams will be there?]

[Including you, there will be 5 teams in total that will attend.]

Haruto started to wonder other than Nekoma and Fukurodani, what will the other teams be like when it comes to their playstyle.

[Wait I got a good idea. Just give me a minute.]

Kuroo quickly said before he stopped texting Haruto. He waited for a while and returned back to looking at the details of the rock climbing place. A minute or two passed and Haruto received an invitation to a group chat that Kuroo made.

Haruto looked at the name of the group and frowned at his display name that was made for him.

[Kuroo]: Everyone, let's welcome Haruto who will be joining us in the upcoming practice games! *Clap Clap

[Playboy]: Kuroo what the hell is my display name…

[Kuroo]: What? I think it fits quite well.

[Daiki]: Ehh is it true because if so please teach me your ways. Also welcome!

[Masaki]: Welcome. Just ignore this Broccoli Head over here. He has been trying to get a girlfriend for a long time but no luck.

[Daiki]: Hey what the hell are you saying, you damn Fish Lips.

[HornedOwl]: Yeahh another person with a custom name as me! Welcome Welcome!

[Akashi]: Welcome. I had seen the match your team had with Shiratorizawa. You guys really pushed them into the 30s during the second set, it was amazing.

Haruto read the influx of messages that were being sent and thought in his head that Akashi may be the only calm person in the group chat.

[Kenma]: I changed your name Haruto.

[Haruto]: Thanks a lot for fixing this Rooster Head's mistake.

[Kuroo]: I still think it fits though~

[HornedOwl]: Hey Haruto, how was it playing against that Ushijima!

[Haruto]: He was a monster. I don't know how he puts all that crazy power behind his spikes.

[Daiki]: I guess he's not a top ace for nothing.

[HornedOwl]: Don't worry. Once you guys come over and play against me, Ushijima will be a walk in the park the next time you face him!

[HornedOwl]: Take it as words from a top ace himself! ( •̀ᴗ•́ )و

[Akashi]: But you barely missed being in the top 3 compared to Ushijima who is part of the top 3.

[Kuroo]: +1

[Daiki]: +1

[Misaki]: +1

[Kenma]: +1

[HornedOwl]: …..

Haruto laughed at the messages that were being sent. He felt that Bokuto was a fun person to be around and even though he's not considered a top 3 but 'barely' missing it. Haruto knew he must be a very skilled player to earn that title.

[Haruto]: Don't worry I will be sure that after playing against you Bokuto, I will be able to crush Ushijima.

[HornedOwl]: Haruto… You are a good guy!!!

[Kuroo]: Oh no here it comes…

[Daiki]: I'm going to mute my phone now.

Haruto was confused by the reactions of the other guys but soon found out why they acted like that. Bokuto began to flood the chat with some inspirational messages and how he wanted the practice games to start a soon as possible.

[Kuroo]: Akashi do the thing.

[Akashi]: Got it.

[Akashi]: Akashi has sent an 8 ball. Your Turn.

After the 8 ball game was sent, Bokuto's flood of messages stopped and the chat turned quiet.

[Kuroo]: That should keep him busy for a while.

[Haruto]: Did a game of 8 ball really calm him down…

[Kuroo]: Yup he's pretty simple minded with things like this.

Haruto stared at his phone in doubt since he never would have thought a single game could calm down a person this drastically.

"Haruto, the food is done cooking."

"Alright I'll come and help out."

Mahiru called Haruto to update him about their dinner and he got up to go help her set up. Haruto quickly said goodbye to the people in the chat and told them that he was going to have dinner now.

Haruto placed the phone in his pocket and happily made his way to the kitchen, wanting to quickly eat the delicious smelling chicken that Mahiru made.


This chapter was pretty fun to make. I hope you enjoyed it. Peacu