The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

_Kirirei_ · Anime & Comics
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127 Chs

All-Japan Youth Camp

"Haruto! The coffee is done."

"Yes I'll be there! Do you mind pouring some in the cup for me?"

Mahiru heard Haruto's voice that came from the bedroom and hearing his request got a cup from the cabinet above her.

"Want some sugar in it?"

"Just put a few spoons in."

"I'll leave it on the table for you once you're out."

"Thank you~"

A faint smile grew on her face as she heard his response and grabbed the coffee pot to pour its contents into the cup she held in her hands.

The atmosphere that enveloped Karasuno through its cultural festival went away as fast as it appeared as students have now been relaxing waiting for the last few days to end.

As this was the case, extracurricular clubs have now gained a bit of extra time during their activities and are now trying to get the most they can make out of it before winter break starts.

"I wonder if this idiot's awake.."

Haruto came out into the living room and swiped through his phone to search for one name.

As he leaned onto the kitchen counter waiting for his call to connect, the aroma of fresh coffee entered his nose and saw a cup placed in front of him.

"Thank you."

Mouthing the words while smiling, Mahiru nodded her head and went back into the kitchen to prepare something for him as she noticed the bag Haruto was wearing.


"Are you awake?"

[Just did a few minutes ago.]

"...Are you going to be alright with meeting me at the time we decided on?"

[Don't worry I got all my things ready before I slept so I'm pretty much good to go.]

Haruto let out a relieved sigh when he heard Kageyama's words and sipped on the cup of coffee he had.

[I'm just about to leave so I'll see you then.]

"Alright just stand by one of the pillars at the station and I'll meet you there."


Ending the brief call with Kageyama, Haruto quickened his pace as he looked at the current time.

"Do you have all the things you need..?"

"Pretty much, I don't need a lot of stuff since Takeda-sensei said that the training camp will supply us with the stuff we need."

At Mahiru's urging he looked through his bag one more time and saw the neatly folded clothes and a smaller pouch which contained his hygienic items.

Downing the cup's contents Haruto grabbed his jacket and walked up to the front entrance where he was getting his shoes ready to leave.

"I wrapped some rice balls for you during your trip. I made some extras so you can share it with Kageyama if you want."

"Should I just eat it now so I don't need to share?"

Haruto looked at the container in his hand and fell into a dilemma as the sight of Mahiru's food suddenly raised his appetite.

"Just eat it on the train." 


Mahiru gave a wry smile seeing the grin Haruto gave her and silently watched him place the container in his bag.

"So I guess I'll see you in a…."

Turning his gaze back onto Mahiru, he suddenly felt a small body hit his own as a pair of slender arms wrapped around his body.

"It's just for a few days you know.."


A tiny hum escaped Mahiru as she buried her face into Haruto's chest, trying to memorize this feeling. Getting her fill of Haruto she grabbed his face and engaged into a deep kiss which caught Haruto off guard.

Haruto responded to her aggressive actions and after a few seconds the two separated from each other.

"This is a pretty good send off gift you know. You should do this more often."

"I'll think about it."

Haruto laughed hearing her response and gave one last hug before opening the door and leaving.

Watching the door close and with a faint red color to her cheeks, she went back to his kitchen and cleaned up the dishes. Wondering what Haruto would do at his training camp.


"Hey we're getting off this stop."


Looking at his phone, Haruto saw how they were almost at the Tokyo's National Training Center and he nudged Kageyama who was dozing off beside him.

Walking out of the train and going towards the surface from the train station, the two followed the map on Haruto's phone and walked for a couple of minutes before standing in front of a large gymnasium.

A deep excitement began to grow inside of Haruto as he saw the gymnasium and began to think of all of the high level players he would be able to play with.

"Karasuno High School… isn't that the team that beat Wakatoshi-kun…"

As Haruto and Kageyama looked at the gymnasium, a quiet voice spoke out from behind them and a person wearing a bright yellow and green tracksuit appeared.

A tall guy with black wavy hair and two noticeable moles on the right side of his forehead looked at the two of them and narrowed his eyes.

Haruto was unable to see his whole expression as he was wearing a white mask but he was able to tell that he was scanning the two of them intensely.

'Sakusa Kiyoomi. The only second year that is part of the top 3 spikers in Japan.'

Haruto's eyes gleamed as he managed to recall the information he tried to find about all the participants that will attend the training camp.

"I'm Haruto Watanabe and I'm a 1st year spiker from Karasuno."

"I'm Kageyama Tobio and I'm a 1st year setter from the same team!"

"Huh? Yeah, sure I'm Sakusa Kiyoomi…"

The two of them gave a greeting while Sakusa replied in a tame tone and walked in front of them to go inside the gymnasium. 

"We get to play against a top 3 spiker huh. Damn, I'm starting to get excited about this."

"Same here…"

Haruto and Kageyama then looked at each other and saw how there was an eager smile placed on both of their faces.

"Let's get in fast."

Leading the way Haruto trailed behind Sakusa who was in front of them and followed the leads of the employees who were inside to bring the students invited and settle them in.

Finding the rooms they were assigned in, Haruto was happy to see that he shared a room with Kageyama and after putting on their gear, they walked towards the courts where a brief introduction would take place.

Entering the gym Haruto was able to see people already spread out as they began to talk with the people already inside.

"The floors are not hardwood…."

Kageyama let out in amazement as he glided his foot against the floor to test the grip that was much more prominent compared to the wooden floors he had always played on.

'This floor will definitely increase how much power I can add to my jump.'

Haruto also twisted his foot on the floor and felt how his shoes felt comfortable with the amount of stoppage the texture provided.

"Ah Kiyoomi you're here now!"


From the corner of his vision, Haruto saw Sakusa enter the gym with another person and he waved his hand to greet him.

"No way… Sakusa, did you make friends before you came here…?" 


Sakusa frowned when he heard the words the person beside him said before separating himself from him and walked away.

"Don't think too much about his attitude. He's just being shy."

"Don't worry, I know a person who acts pretty similar to him so I think his reaction isn't too bad."

"Really? That person sounds pretty cold then."

"Not really cold but he would ignore you if he finds you annoying while throwing some sort of insult if he feels like it." Haruto replied as he remembered Tsukishima's image.

"...Are you sure he's not some sort of delinquent…?"

The person who was beside Sakusa let out an expression of astonishment while listening to Haruto.

"I'm Komori Motoya. You can just call me by my first name."

"I'm Haruto Watanabe and it's the same for me."

Haruto gave a smile as he shook hands with the Komori who also introduced himself to Kageyama.

"So are you two on the same team?" Kimori asked as he got familiar with Haruto and Kageyama.

"Yeah we're from Karasuno and I play outside and this guy plays as our setter."


Kimori held his chin as he tried his best to remember his team as it sounded very familiar to him.

"Ah! You guys were the ones who defeated the team Ushijima was one right? Sakusa kept on talking about a team that did it and I didn't think I would meet members on said team."

"Well we tried our best and it looked like our efforts did us good."

"Ehh~ how modest of you. You must have some real skills if you managed to face against Ushijima right." 

Haruto and Kimori began to engage in a light conversation as they talked about their experiences during the matches leading up to Nationals.

Unknown to them, a person wearing a mask had his ear discreetly toward the direction of their conversation and listened to its contents.

"So Nekoma was like that…"

"Yeah they–"

"Gather around!!"

Interrupting Kimori's words, a loud voice that came from one of the instructors spread throughout the whole gym and everyone began to form a line to listen.

"Now that everyone is here, let's have some words from Japan's Olympic Men's Team Coach, Hibarida. If you would."

After hearing those words a middle aged man stepped forward and looked at the group of players that were in front of him.

Within the group were Haruto, Sakusa. Kimori and Kageyama. Off to the left side was a guy with dyed blond hair and an undercut wearing a small smile. While near the front was a short guy with spiky white hair.

Haruto stood still and listened carefully to what Hibarida would say as he clenched his fist, looking forward to what this camp would bring.


I hope you enjoyed it. Peacu.