2 Opening day of The Ancient World

The two days have passed very slowly and I can say that my mind was in a state of torture going through all the possibilities of what could go wrong. In about 10 minutes the game will go live and the single server will be opened, billions will join. I don't waste anymore time and I boot up Ancients World. Everyone has to wait in the stasis area while the developers make final adjustments and fine tuning. "Now I can right all the wrongs that I made. Nothing will take my family away again. In a few more minutes everyone will be logging on for the first time. Now is the time to make a name to pass the final minutes faster." I think about old names I used in past DDVR's I played growing up and all of them were pretty bad. I cant think of any good ones and the only thing that goes through my head are how many people I might run into in the crowded streets of the beginner city.

There are plenty of starter cities and you actually get to pick the one you want to start in. The city with my divine class quest is called Blue Grass City, it doesn't actually have blue grass. The town was named after a healing herb that saved it from a plague outbreak in the beginning of the cities history. It is relatively big, a lot of people will be playing on day one and I cant help wondering where the best of the best in the future will spawn. Nobody from the leaderboards started in Blue grass city except for Blue Chaos. He joined the game two years after everyone else. This is how he found the quest. The counter is in its last 25 seconds and I have a name that will match my character in game.

My username will be Slayer, since most of what we do in the game will be monster killing, after the starter cities you can explore the world. Some places will be locked off till you reach a higher level. I confirmed my name and a light enters the stasis area. I am transported to the city of blue grass as many others appear alongside me. There wont be as many people who spawned here compared to the cities close to the capitals, but nobody has a better opportunity than me in this world.

[System Announcement: Welcome to The Ancients World. Here your imagination is your limit. Everyone will get a 2x experience bonus in their inventory to use at any time only once for 12 hours. Don't forget to visit the class vendors and pick one up.]

The system rang throughout the world as everyone cheered in happiness. Everything here can feel like the real world, combat and skills require more than just a thought. You need to practice them as well. I immediately head for my primary goal, while everyone is at the common vendors picking out classes I will be heading to a unique NPC in the poverty district.

After 30 minutes of walking I make it to my destination in the poverty district, there isn't a player in sight and poor people line the streets. There are some guards patrolling here and there, players don't know that these aren't regular NPC's. They will learn that bit of information after getting thrown in jail a few times for pissing off certain ones. I look down a longer road that leads to an orphanage. The post that Blue Chaos wrote said the lady in charge will be the divine quest giver. You wont know its a divine quest at first, only after you complete it.

I approach the orphanage and I hear sounds of a struggle inside. This must be the scripted event, I push open the door unsheathing my common iron sword and getting in my stance that I ingrained in my head and body after years of fighting and dying. There are two NPC's marked as thugs. I quickly begin attacking with normal attacks instead of using the beginner skill slash. I don't need it in this situation.

[Thug Lvl.1]

50/50 HP



+10 exp

After hitting two strikes the first one dies in an explosion of pixels. "YOU STUPID BOY!! YOU WILL DIE FOR THAT!!" The other thug releases the woman and attacks me. I use the normal moves I usually do for weaker opponent's like this. I didn't use any stamina to dodge so I can attack now that the stamina I used to attack has. I instantly use another normal attack at the vital point on the neck.

[Thug Lvl.1]

50/50 HP

Critical! -101

+20 exp

He falls dead to the ground and I look around to make sure all the kids are alright. I look at the lady and she is very beautiful, I can see why the lore said Michael fell for her. "Thank you young man. I don't know how much more they would have taken no for an answer..." I nod at her and help her pick up the things that fell over in the room from the struggle. These are thinking people here, you should do things like this to show you are caring and humane.

After I help her pick the things up I can see that she is very sad. I don't even know her name so I might as well ask. "What's your name miss?" She looks at me with slightly wide eye's.

She laughs out loud for a few seconds and wipes a stray tear from her eye. "How rude of me. My name is Amelia Zern. I run this orphanage." She looks towards the kids that have calmed down now. I can finally ask her if she needs any help.

I take a breath and think of my question, how you ask NPC's is also very important in this new game. "Is there anything I can help you with Amelia? I'm sure I can be of some help." She looks at me with solemn eye's thinking it over. She doesn't even know me so I might be denied to start this out.

Suddenly a junk quest pops up in my player interface and Amelia starts to speak. "A very precious necklace was taken from me. It holds a magic power that will glow brightly when I am reunited with my son. A very powerful man took him away and gave him to another for both of our protection. I want my necklace back." She finished explaining what the necklace is to her. This is going just like the forum said it would.

[System mission: Retrieve Amelia's necklace from the thugs leader and bring it back to her.]

[Rewards: Amelia's appreciation, title: Helper of the weak, 3000 experience]

I read the text and immediately accepted, the system doesn't tell you that there is a hidden reward. "I'll go get your necklace for you, Where is the leader of the thugs that were just in here?" She smiles at my willingness to help her. She tells me they dwell under the pub called Cracked Plate. The owner is a very powerful level 5 thug. His name is Joshua the Cross.

I make my way out of the poor district and head to the pub just like the quests says. After a few hours of following the path and asking around I finally find it. The forum said that it would be closed during the time of the quest. Which is 100% true, I don't have any sneak skills so that means I'll have to cut my way through the enemies if there are any that detect me. The forum never went into detail about that.

I push open the door when nobody is looking and enter quietly. There are no hostiles in the main area, but I can see a light coming from a room in the back with muffled voices. I approach the door and listen closely. "Joshua isn't happy about Amelia not giving him what he wants. It is only a matter of time till he takes her." The one speaking laughs in a vile manner at the suggestion he is giving. I would kill these men regardless of the quest or not.

I notice a staircase leading downstairs and I hear loud snoring. The forum said that you could get a super critical if you catch Joshua while he is sleeping. This is a chance of avoiding a tough fight and wasting unnecessary time. I quietly make my way down the steps and open the door to his room.

[System check: You have to pick a number between 1 and 100 and if you are within ten you pass stealth check. Hint: Less than 50. Note: No stealth check if you have sneak skill.]

Talk about an inconvenience, I wonder how Blue Chaos even completed this. I think quickly on my feet. Blue chaos said this was the only skill check in this area and he picked the number 33. This is my best guess if history is going to repeat its self. I think of the number and I get a response.

[System check: You have met the correct parameters. Sneak check passed.]

I slowly and quietly walk up to the bed and line my blade up at his neck. The only way you can get a super critical is if you get a target that doesn't know you are there or they are asleep. This is why assassins are integral to the politics inside Ancients World. You could make a living working for a kingdom or a noble. I ready my slash skill and attack instantly.

[Joshua the Cross Lvl.5]

200/200 HP

Super Critical! -300

+220 exp

+50 slash exp

Joshua dies without making a sound and his head rolls on the ground before disappearing. He dropped some good items to.

[Silver Sword Lvl req. 10]

[Quality: uncommon]

[Damage: 500]

[Durability 250/250]

This will come in handy, silver swords are weaker in durability, but they are great against monster type enemies. I can also see a necklace labeled as junk.

[Amelia's special necklace Lvl req. 0]

[Quality: Junk]

[Description: An ornamental piece with some magical power]

[Durability: NA]

I hear a ping from the system notifying me that I have the quest item and I need to return to Amelia. I sneak my way back upstairs and silently pass the door that has some thugs in it. I quietly exit the pub and make my way to Amelia's orphanage. I have followed exactly what Blue Chaos wrote in his forum. I am so close to the main thing I need to succeed in this world and nobody even knows that the worst thing you can do is get classes from vendors. You can only change classes 3 times and that is only with classes epic or lower.

Once I get my divine class I wont be able to change to another and I wont be allowed to join guilds. I feel sorry for all the new player, but in about a week everyone will find out the truth of this matter.

[Slayer Lvl.1]

[Exp: 250/3000]


[Strength - 55]

[Endurance - 55]

[Dexterity - 60]

[Speed - 55]

[Focus - 55]


[Slash Lvl.1 50/100]

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