The Alpha Contract Mate

18+ [In all you do, never taunt an alpha]. There are hints of LGBT in volume one. [Volume One]: Alpha Dominic Crane is in potential trouble. He is about to be challenged by his half-brother who just recently took over their Uncle's pack a week after his death. And although Dom has a dangerous reputation himself, his brother doesn't care and will do anything to collect Dom's territory, even if it means war for both their packs. Afraid that he might be outmatched due to their late uncle's connections, Dom creates a drastic plan.  Natalie West is stuck. As a female werewolf and the daughter of an alpha, one would think she has it all. But she doesn't because she is weak. Or so they all think. The moment her father discovered she was Kage, he began to look for ways to get rid of her. And when she discovers her father has secured a loveless mating with an Alpha she hates with every fiber of her being, Natalie reaches her last straw. But then suddenly, an Alpha more ruthless than her fiance comes blazing into her life with a dangerous proposition that could potentially start a war, but also give her freedom. And Natalie is very tempted to go through with it.  What they both don't know is that things are not as cut-throat as they think. For fate, their wolves, and a very mysterious enemy have other plans for them.  _______________ Volume Two is DAVINA and FIONA'S story and it was supposed to begin dropping on the 11th of April 2023. Unfortunately, it will no longer be dropping on WEBNOVEL due to their actions against me. If you want to know why I won't be updating my books on this platform anymore, simply chat me up on Discord: Jenival_Enyia#5546 or read the second Auxiliary chapter. UPDATE RATE: No longer updating.

Jenival_Enyia · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
140 Chs

| It Has Begun

"What time are Lance and Brick each coming with their enforcers?" asked Lynn. 

"They've agreed to arrive here at noon. I've no idea what time Cole will appear, but I don't think it will be any earlier than then."

"We might not have only Lance and Brick," said Ryan. "You've had a lot of messages over the pack web, Dominic. It seems that word's gotten around about the challenge. Cole has earned himself several enemies over the years and they're all offering to be present tomorrow to stand at your side." 

"Standing at his side as in actively getting involved in the battle, or as in literally just standing there like lemons?" asked Genny. 

"The term means that they'll be present and act as a backup if things go to shit," Natalie explained. "Unless Dominic looks like he's losing, they won't get involved."