128 Feeling Alone

Victoria's POV

"You better stop crying now, Victoria, because your tears would be useless because I am sure by this time Oliver is already dead. He can't stop his heart from shutting down because of the silver bullets that hit his body." I heard Tim say as he drove the car far away from the place where they ambushed us, I could feel my eyes were swollen, and I could feel the pain of losing Oliver, and there was an emptiness I felt deep inside me, and I know without him I will never be whole again.

"How could you let this thing happen, Tim? How could you allow him to shoot the man I love." I said in between my sobs, and I saw him look at me in the rearview mirror before he returned his focus on the road; I could tell he was driving away from Zenith. I wondered how's Lana doing right now, and I wished she was okay and she found a hiding place where the wolves couldn't touch her and her family.


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