1 Rebirth of daughter

Chapter 1 - Rebirth of a Descendant

Thirty-two years in the Heaven realm.

In the spring of February, the snow melted.

In a remote yard in the northwest corner of Heavenly Sage Kingdom's General Mansion, there was a lotus pond. With a "Putong ~ ~" sound, water splashed in all directions, and the golden carp scattered.

Accompanied by the sound of water was a sharp scream, followed by an ear-piercing cry, "Someone come quickly! Miss has fallen into the water."


Cold, bone-piercing cold engulfed him, as if he was in a world of ice and snow.

Xie Qingrong moved her four limbs weakly, her nose and mouth seemed to be blocked, she was unable to breathe, and her eyes were also shut, it was as though there were two invisible hands pulling her down.

The image in his mind was frozen in a blood-red color. A bright red color covered the sky and the earth as it attacked him.

Suddenly, Xie Qingrong opened her eyes. She found herself in the water, her feet entwined with water grasses. She nimbly dug down, untied the aquatic plants, and swam towards the river bank.

Arriving at the shore, he calmly looked around at his surroundings. In the distance, there was a dilapidated little courtyard. In the distance, he could vaguely make out some starlight. It was extremely desolate.

He was also wearing a very worn out set of clothes. Due to being wet, it was hanging on his body right now.

At this time, Xie Qingrong heard the sound of chaotic footsteps.

Someone was coming.

She quickly adjusted her body, tiptoeing slightly and pressing her right arm with her left hand. It seemed to be a comfortable sitting posture, but in reality, it was a prepared posture.

A maidservant ran over, crying and gasping for breath. Behind her were a few servants holding torches.

Seeing his young miss sitting on the ground wet, Nuan Xiang ran over and hugged Xie Qingrong, crying as he said, "Young miss, it's really great that you're fine."

Xie Qingrong's body stiffened, but she only clenched her hands slightly, and did not push Nuan Xiang away.

Since the situation was unclear, it was best not to act rashly.

A man wearing a gray robe walked out. He seemed to be the butler. His eyes showed deep disdain and his mouth showed no trace of politeness.

"Eldest Miss, since you are safe and sound, this old servant can finally relax. I just hope that when Eldest Miss does things in the future, she will think about the consequences and not let the servants be affected as well. "

"Yes, yes. When Eldest Miss does things, she has to use her brain." The servants responded one by one to the middle-aged man in the grey robe.

"Don't speak nonsense, Miss isn't that kind of person." Nuan Xiang defended herself loudly without fear.

The middle-aged man glared at Nuan Xiang, and said: "How can a servant like you be allowed to speak like this."

Nuan Xiang lowered her head in grievance as she patted Nuan Xiang's hands.

The surroundings were filled with complaints and ridicule. Xie Qingrong looked over and could clearly see the disdain and contempt on all their faces. She clenched her fists as a strong killing intent flashed in her eyes.

Those who dared to speak to her like that in his previous life had already died under her blade.

Xie Qingrong quickly struggled free from Nuan Xiang's embrace, picked up the rod on the ground, and smashed it onto the middle-aged man. Without giving him a chance to react, her right hand formed a claw and grabbed the middle-aged man's neck.

When the servants saw Xie Qingrong acting in such a manner, they found it hard to believe.

Why did this young miss seem to have changed her appearance all of a sudden?

On the other hand, some of the more courageous people stood up and berated Xie Qingrong: "Young miss, have you gone mad? You dare treat the butler in such a manner?"

Xie Qingrong looked coldly at the servant, and slowly asked: "Hmm? "What should we do with the butler?"

The servant was frightened by Xie Qingrong's cold gaze and broke out in a cold sweat behind his back. However, he braced himself and continued: "Eldest Miss, it's understandable for the butler to say that.

"Is that so?" Xie Qingrong squinted her eyes and asked.

The butler being grabbed by Xie Qingrong was extremely uncomfortable, but seeing that there was someone speaking up for him, she became more confident.

"This servant has been serving the general since young, and the general treats the servant like an elder. If the general were to know about this, the eldest miss would probably have to suffer a lot."

"Oh? So what? With such a large general's residence, a great young miss like me actually doesn't have the authority to be a servant's lord? "

Xie Qingrong said disdainfully, as she slowly increased the power in her hands.

The butler was getting closer and closer to Xie Qingrong as she tried to break free from her grasp. However, she was unable to do so as she spoke in a flustered and exasperated tone, "You are just the life of a Heaven Destroyer, you have killed the wife and little miss. Do you still want to disregard human life?"

Hearing this, Xie Qingrong let out a cold laugh. Her fingers slightly tightened and actually managed to break the butler's throat.

Xie Qingrong casually threw away the butler's body, and then used her old and worn out clothes to wipe her fingers in disgust, as if she was wiping away some filth.

The person who stood out to speak for the butler saw that the butler's throat was easily cut off by Xie Qingrong just like that. He was so scared that his pants were wet, and the smell of uric acid assaulted his nostrils.

When the other servants saw the scene in front of them, they stood where they were, trembling. No one dared to take a step forward, nor did they dare to take a step back.

Seeing this, Nuan Xiang, who had been freed by Xie Qingrong, trembled and asked Xie Qingrong in a trembling voice, "Miss, did... Is that all right? "

Upon hearing this, Xie Qingrong did not even bat an eyelid as she coldly said: "She is just a servant who signed a death contract. As for the position of the butler, one more person is enough. "

Nuan Xiang trembled upon hearing this, she felt that her young miss had become a completely different person.

In the past, Miss was extremely cowardly, causing others to be afraid of her for a long time even if they spoke a few words. But now, the young miss is very powerful! Just like the female general in the book!

Nuan Xiang looked at Xie Qingrong with eyes filled with determination, from fear to comfort.

Xie Qingrong could feel the change in Nuan Xiang's emotions, and her heart was slightly at ease. The girl in front of him right now was actually worth trusting.

Xie Qingrong raised her head to look at the sky, only to realize that it was already late at night.

Those servants scrambled and crawled their way out, leaving only Xie Qingrong and Nuan Xiang by the Lotus Pond.

Nuan Xiang took off his outer clothes and put it on for Xie Qingrong, then said: "Miss, let's go back as well. When Miss fell into the lotus pond just now, you should first take a bath to warm your body and prevent yourself from suffering from the cold. "

Xie Qingrong nodded, and pushed Nuan Xiang's hand away without leaving a trace, wanting to support her.

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