The Adventures Of Azoroth Book

novel - Fantasy

The Adventures Of Azoroth


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3 teenagers go on a adventure into a whole new world, so different from their's with there trusty wolf zalfer a wolf may be a strange pet but Austin has known Zalfer since he was a pup and Bailey has known Alger since she was 9 she is now 13 while her brother Austin is 17. Zalfer is a non aging wolf quite rare because of there magical properties and people desire their colour changing hide to wear, so you know what happens to the ones caught... Bailey is a elf but they say Austin is human. Their dad had gone missing when Bailey was 8 and the only one that knows anything is Austin but whenever you bring it up he's too petrified to say anything . There mom Ellen was a baker owning her own bakery which Bailey and Austin helped but mostly Bailey. Austin normally ate everything. They both set out on The Adventure Of Azoroth both having secret missions of their own...


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