1 Crash... Chp.2

and- then he crashed into me flinging me across the road.  I hit the ground and then a couple of people crowded around me, They asked If I had any injuries and what my name was I left not realising how much my wrist hurt.

I made it to the hospital minus a bike I was gonna get in trouble for by my dads. Anyway I was making my way towards room 301, The one with Austin and his mom in it a person looked at me strangely I wonder why they did? There was ripped pieces on my tracksuit but that's it I think.

I made it to Austin's room greeted his mom and sat down beside Austin "I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help you" I said guiltily .

Austin's POV

"I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help you" luka guiltily .

"It's fine" I reassured him

I asked him to turn on the TV and stared blankly at what was on it.


"There was a collision on the road today between a car and a bike no one in the car was injured but blood was found by the bike.

The person in the car requested to not be named but the person on the bike most people know as LUKA TSUKUMO .

Luka's POV

Austin turned off the TV and him and his mom stared at me until Austin yelled   " YOU WERE IN A CRASH AND YOU CAME TO SEE ME AND YOUR COULD BE HURT !" A doctor ran in and asked what was the problem " ILL TELL YOU THE PROBLEM THIS IS LUKA TSUKUMO AND HE WAS IN A CRASH AND HASN'T WENT TO SEE IF HES OK!" Austin's mom screamed

The doctor was shocked and turned around to look at me in horror and suddenly something wet was on my forehead I put my hand to it and looked at the wet liquid on my hand it was blood... The doctor looked at me then yelled for doctors to come in I had a big gash on my head. Austin screamed "DO SOMETHING HES MY BEST FRIEND " the doctors rushed over, who entered the room next coincidentally was my dad my dad  ran over and picked me up as I passed out . Then all the doctors realised he was crying and they figured out why pretty quickly I was his son!

Luka's dad's POV


We patched him up and put bandages around the gash on his head and put him in room 302 next door to Austin. Austin came to visit Luka when his mom had gone she was coming back in 3 hours when he's discharged at 9:00pm.

      Luka's POV

Austin came  to visit me at 5:58 and laid down beside me, we started talking even though he seem pissed I know he was upset I got hit by a car, I had to stay for another day but he said "My mam is gonna let me stay home tomorrow so I can come visit!" "Great because I'm gonna be super bored without you" I said, he laughed "can I stay the night with you the doctors said they don't mind but they said to ask you?" I slightly blushed he noticed "you ok?" "Y-yeah" I cursed at myself for stuttering blushing more "then what's your answer want me to stay here?" " yeah why not!" covering up my blush "WOOHOO " he yelled I knew he was suspended because he's my best friend and I'm also suspended I threw maybe 9 punches at jack the principal's son. But who cares he's a jerk, we were talking for a while and then he fell asleep on me and snuggled into my chest  "What do I do I can't wake him up he's exhausted " I wonder to myself. "I decided I'll just go to sleep with him h-hugging m-me okayyy..." after all that talking I fell asleep with my arms wrapped around him straight  away hahah funny I'm not straight I'm the opposite .

The next day.

Austin's POV

I woke up snuggling into luka "OMG I'm snuggling with my sleeping best friend" I whisper blushing "why is he so comfortable to lay on?" This will never happen again he's straight i thought, I took advantage of this situation and nuzzled into him further. he's actually really good looking that's probably why everybody likes him, guys do too if your wondering wait... his arms are wrapped around me he must of done that by accident!!! I couldn't fall asleep again damn it! oh no... he's waking up! I faked being asleep so he wouldn't think I was a weirdo.

Luka's POV

I was surprised when I woke up to my arms around Austin and him on my chest, what is he doing here I thought, then I remembered him m events. " I should wake him up" I whispered I shook him gently and he woke up. I felt like he was faking being asleep but I didn't say anything. An hour later the nurse came in to change my bandages. I wonder how long until I go home? She said I'll be decharged at 6:30 I woke up at 9am . Thank god I hate lying on this bed well kinda... I think Austin's waking up he fell asleep when he was pretending.╹◡╹

I started twirling my fingers in his hair, it's so fricking soft!anyways I did that for like an hour or 2. It's 11:04 ok. Ugh 9 and a half hours to goooo!!! Please wake u Austin!

Author's note

I have school so these chapters were pre-made the next few chapters will come out slower sorry! (*´꒳`*). Thanks to the people who read this I'm making another story but don't expect it to come out soon I'm still sorting the plot!

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