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The 4 O' Clock Club


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What is The 4 O' Clock Club

The 4 O' Clock Club is a popular web novel written by the author The_Canary, covering ROMANCE, LGBT, TEEN, ORIGINAL, HIGH-SCHOOL, MALE PROTAGANIST, FEMALE PROTAGINIST, MYTERY-THRILLER, Teen genres. It's viewed by 14.7K readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 17 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Meet Yuno and Rayven, newly stepbrother and sister in a small and isolated town of La Orden. Yuno is the new girl in town. She is finding ways to get used to the conservative ways of La Orden compare to the big city where she came from. But when she meet a new found friend and mysteriously disappears at the night of the dance, she needs to find her while continuously surviving the everyday life of a high school student. Rayven needs to adjust to the life of having a new sister in his house after his dad remarried. So long as Yuno will stay out of his way, they will probably get along just fine while keeping his big secret to her and to his family. But a group of guys keep on pestering him to join their mysterious gang, then a girl in school mysteriously disappeared. Join the adventures of Yuno and Rayven as they unravel love, identity, and secrets of their town in this series. Author's Notes: Let me know your thoughts about the novel by writing a review or through comment section. About the cover photo, I just found it on the net while searching for ideal cover. I'm giving the full credit to the owner of the image. I hope you will support this novel! :)


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Greetings to the author! I am currently in chapter seven and the story development seems to have a perfect pace. (It's not fast nor is it slow! good job) The writing quality is perfect, there are no errors when it comes to vocabulary and spelling. As for the characters, they seem to be described in an astounding way. The author does a good job when it comes to descriptions since they are vivid. When it comes to the world background I have nothing to complain about since it is truly genuine. Right, I almost forget to say, your dialogues are impressive and genuine by the way. Keep up the goodwork and don't forget to stay healthy :) This review is brought to you by: Snom! The cutest Pokemon in the whole world.


Hi everyone! It's the author of The 4 o' Clock Club. This is my first time writing a mystery novel since my previous book is a isekai novel. I draw inspiration from Riverdale Tv series and Nancy Drew since I'm both big fan of those two media franchise. I know everyone is saying it's an interesting take to have alternate POV in my story but I want to show the readers the whole horizon of La Orden not limiting only to one POV. So hope everyone will support the story. Thank you!


This is a good story. The Synopsis was good, Grammar is little to no error but I love the writing quality of it. I should say you're a Filipino like me, Yea I love the prose! The plot was great for me, The characters are well designed and Overall I liked it much! Great job well-done author, a big thumbs up for you! P.S. I added it to my library. I gladly will support your story fellow citizen!


Oh new novel, congratulations! MAKATI CITY A friend of mine lived and worked in Bonifacio. It would be interesting to read how the city itself looks. The first chapter was read very easily. Your story looks entertaining. Plus, bilingual, how will your person build relationships in the social hierarchy at school? These are very exciting questions! Wow!


The pace of the story is just perfect. The grammars were okay and the characters is developing nicely. As a fellow filipino author who's language were Filipino, it was a job well done.


Is this going to be a coming of age high school drama with themes about adjusting to a new life with some mysteries (detective club stuff?) with the occasional pop culture reference? Cuz I'm in. Also I'm an autistic Yuno and that draws me in >.>


Ohh gosh!!! THIS IS AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!! Haha I was having fun reading that I didn't know when I reached chapter 11 lol 😂😂😂😂😂 This is my first time reading a mystery novel in wn.. I'm familiar with only Dan brown books.. but this is amazing.. I was too into it that I forget about commenting lol. You might have to notice the punctuations but other than that, the story is perfect. I like the change of pov's making us, readers, notice what happens in the step-siblings life.


Quite a lengthy first chapter, but this did not hinder the experience at all. Enjoyable and good characterisation. Also very descriptive and detailed. Keep it up ^^


To be Frank.... I really like this themed stories and I'm eagerly looking forward for the next chapters. The story development is also in well pace. And I liked the authors way of description.


Yo, same genre... And the funny thing is Riverdale series also inspired mine too (Story for another time, lol). I'm loving it and I hope to see more. Cheers!


Beautiful story, first time reading a book of this genre but I'm liking this one, your narrative skills are very good and haven't noted any grammar and spelling errors.


The character switch are greatly done. I think lots of people who try to do that fail most of the time, but you do well so far. That pace is correct, your novel actually reminded me about Riverdale TV series and so I was right haha. The synopsis is perfect too. I don't have anything negative to say lol. You know how to express your thoughts - You know how to write :)


Nice writing the story so far is good pulled me in to read more. I wanna read more of what the author has to offer. Really lucky to have read it.


This is some good work! Your writing is fluent and your narration is the best ^^ I like the change of perspective from chapter to chapter between Yuno and Rayven, very original. Sorry for the late review, I was kinda busy, so to make it up for you, I recommended the story to a friend. And guess what, now you have 2 other fans!


I'm very interested in this story's premise. Particular the weird club that wants to recruit Rayven. And I love a good mystery surrounding a missing person. I also love the dual perspective. Both Rayven and Yuno are interesting protagonists, and I like how they're navigating their new relationship as step-siblings, which seems very realistic to me. Both the pacing and plot of the story are really gripping, and I look forward to knowing how it will progress.


Author has done a good job with shifting POV's. It makes us curious to know what will be the take of the other character. The story pacing is right with the mystery introduced roht on the 2nd chp. Writing quality and grammar gives a nice flow to reading. 😊😊 Keep up the good work author!


I'm entertained! The switching perspectives is quite similar to my story and I like it. The pacing is nice, likeable MCs and side characters (especially Dylan) and the mystery solving is progressing smoothly. Overall its a good read.


I'm the first two chapter you understand what kind of world it is, the next two are about the Mc A unique story telling through the perspective of two peoples! The sixth chapter shows the world is not as normal as it seems~ The male mc is definitely or maybe the main Mc, need more chapter to understand!


Currently in chapter 7. I have to say this POV exchange is quite interesting. It makes reader curious about what the other character is thinking. The writing quality is great and I can't find any grammatical errors which need to be pointed out. The characters are also introduced amazingly. Its just that I have to check the title of chapter after just reading for a while. For now I have added this one to my library. Good job Author! I hope you'll continue publishing more chapters.


I like the idea of the character POV swaps. It's interesting to see the situation of both characters, but I do find myself a little lost sometimes. I like that the story is straightforward thus far. I'm looking forward to see how the plot will unfold! As for the writing quality, there are a bit of awkward sentences and narratives inserts, but I don't see anything pressing grammar-wise. Good job!


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