4 Chapter 4 (Departure is near)

A lot of time had passed since the day Kai watched a horde of hollows attack the town, and in the time after, only three things have really caught his attention.

The first was that he noticed the appearance of two unfamiliar spiritual pressures appearing in the two for a short while before vanishing, the second being like him four students in his class have stopped attending class.

The last but most important thing to Kai at least was that Yoru was not around as much. Of course, he wanted to follow her to see what she was up to, especially after meeting the man he met.

Kai stood watching the stars as his mind drifted to a faraway place, thinking about all sorts of topics, but it always wanders back to that day, that conversation, that feeling.

( Flashback)

Kai was in his usual spot as he turned to the side and looked into the distance.

As he does, he sees someone approaching him, and his instincts flare, warning him of danger.

Kai couldn't sense any hostility from the approaching man, but he still raised his guard and was ready for a fight.

As the man came and stood six feet in front of him and spoke.

" It's nice to meet you, finally Kai."

' Who the hell is this guy? He's strong. I don't think I would be able to beat this guy now, with blonde hair, a walking cane, and a silly expression. I don't remember anyone like this from the limited knowledge I have of this anime.' Kai thinks to himself.

As his thoughts went into high speed, the man smiled, seemingly amused.

" Who are you? And why can I sense Yoru from you?" Kai finally snaps from his thoughts and asks.

" Yoru?... Oh, you mean Yoruichi, well we've been friends for a long time, and were just catching up, so I guess that's why."

" Yoruichi? Is that her real name?"

" Mhm, so you don't even know that."

" I guess it doesn't matter. That doesn't change how you feel, does it?" he asked.

" It doesn't, I knew she wasn't normal from the moment I met her. She will open up when she is ready."

" So you would do anything to protect her, right?"

" Anything." Kai answered without hesitation.

" Good, well soon she will be leaving on a trip to a very dangerous place, I ain't you to tag along."

"..." Kai stared at him, and the air seemed to get heavy as he finally spoke.

" I'll go, but don't think I don't know what you are doing, I won't protect anyone else, but Yoru, so you can throw away such expectations now."

" What if Yoruichi wants you to protect them?" He asked and smiled, seeming sure of the answer he would get.

"...." Kai remained silent.

" I'll send someone to bring you over when the time of departure has come." he said and disappeared, leaving Kai alone.

" That guy, for the moment he got here, he knew it would end up like this, having things you cherish makes you far easier to control, and it has been a long time since I've felt like I'm playing along to some else's tune." Kai said as he finally began to leave.

( Flashback ends)

Kai continued to stare at the sky, and a small black cat jumped from the shadows onto his shoulder.

" I'm going to be gone for a while." The cat's mouth moved as a deep voice echoed in the night.

" How long is a while?" Kai answered seemingly as if the fact Yoru could talk wasn't a surprise to him.

" Maybe a month or two, are you going to be okay by yourself?" Yoru questioned.

" I'll be fine. You won't be doing anything dangerous, right?"

" No, nothing dangerous." Yoru responded normally, with no weirdness or changes yet.....

' She's lying.' Kai said to himself, but he didn't call her out.

" You aren't going to ask?"

" Nope, I already knew you weren't normal, so talking really isn't all that surprising. You'll have to do something else if you want to get a reaction from me."

Yoru smirked.

'You just wait till you see my true form.'She thinks to herself.

" I will be going now, I'll tell you everything when I get back no more secrets,that means for the both of us."


" Alright, no more secrets. I'll tell you everything when you get back."

" Good" after saying that Yoru jumped from the roof and disappeared.

" I guess the time of departure is near, probably tomorrow."

" I just have this feeling that it's going to be chaos." Kai whispered.

" Since I've come to this world, I haven't killed a human, only hollows. I don't know what I'll face, but anything that threatens Yoru will die, even if I have to become what I used to be once again."

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