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a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

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Chapter- 8

After dropping Allisson off at her house, I go inside and take a shower, today she didn't have all her classes because of the first day, and because of a missing body that hasn't made the news yet.

I put on a black long sleeve shirt with white stripes on the arm, and a jacket of the same color along with black jeans, I put on boots as well.

Since this is technically the first time I have had dinner at the Argent's house, I have had dinner there with Chris before, we watched a Football game.

I go down to the cellar, yes there is a cellar here. It is next to the other basement where I did the transformation test.

I get good old wine from 1980, it is one of the most expensive ones here, but since it belongs to our winery, I didn't have to pay.

I put the wine on the table and sit down in front of the TV.

I turn on the local news channel, and there it is, talking about the body that was found this weekend, along with a news report about the death of a man who died from an animal attack nearby.

The man from the animal attack was the one where I went to do the mission.

I turn to another channel, and an adult movie is playing, I didn't know that this channel was open.

In the movie, the man is giving oral sex to the woman, and the woman is giving oral sex to the same man, position 35+34...69.

I remember the day with Clary, and I start to get horny so I change the channel.

But I remember how angry she got when I talked about not performing oral sex on girls that I am not in love with.

And this is true, in my memories I never did that, only with my first girlfriend in Texas, but she broke my heart by telling me that I was just her puppy for her class when I broke up with her, she cried for days to get me back, she even made a song and sent it to me! I was an idiot and told my friend, who told the whole school, and I never talked to her again after that.

After 20 minutes I get tired of watching and grab the wine and start to walk towards the Argent's house.

When I get to the front, I take a deep breath and knock on the door.


I hear allisson yell, "I'm COMING!"

And she appears in front of me, wearing a gray short-sleeved shirt with a scarf, it's getting a little cold, and even with the heating in her house, so she's wearing a scarf.

Allisson: "Come on in! My parents were already waiting for you. She pulls me towards the kitchen.

She looks at my hand: "You didn't have to bring anything, you know.

Dean: "Of course I do, in case I wanted to make a good impression on your mother!

She looks away shyly, understanding my meaning behind the words.

We enter the kitchen and I see Chris bringing the food to the table, Victoria looks at me with a smile, "you're here! We've been waiting for you, go and sit at the table with Allisson.

Dean nods his head and goes to the table with Allisson, I see Chris coming back and say: "here Chris, the wine you've been craving all week" I pass the wine to him.

Chris: "Finally I can drink from it again, I have always loved the wines made by your family". He leaves with the wine towards the kitchen and I hear him and Victoria talking about the wine "this boy made me wait for you guys to come and let me taste this wine" she answers "you sound like an addict talking like that, honey".

The dinner takes 1 hour in total, knowing that Allisson and I are going out for a while around town, they didn't let me touch the wine.

Now we are at the front of the house and Chris speaks as I close the gate, "come back early! It's not safe to come back late recently!" allisson replies, "we're not kids dad!"

We head towards my Mustang that I left outside earlier, I was going to go with the Impala, but I drove it a lot last week.

Allisson: "so where are we going?"

Dean: "we're going to the market! And then put gas in the car and drive around town.

Allisson nods in agreement.

After the market and filling up the car, we drive around the city, it has been raining a lot for a while, so I decided to drive by the place where Scott works... I want to see how it is going to be since Allisson is not going there now.

I slow down when we arrive at the place and I see something that surprised me is that I see a girl entering with Scott, who is carrying a dog in his arms, all wet from the rain.

Allisson: "is that the strange boy who was at practice earlier today?" she asks as she also saw that scene.

Dean: "yeah, looks a lot like him, I think his name is scott."

Allisson: "are we going home now?"

Dean: "yeah, since I got the snack it's time to watch movies!"

Allisson is silent for the rest of the trip, she seems to have some doubts and wants to ask something.

I arrive at our houses, I stop the car at her house, it is still raining so I don't want her to get wet.

Dean: "You're in! I'll see you tomorrow same time, okay?"

She seems to take courage for something and says: "ok, see you later!" and gets out of the car.

I don't understand very well, I go back home and put the car away, take the things I bought and take them to my room, the cold ones I kept in the fridge, of course, I only took 1 Milkshake to drink while I watch, and the rest of the snacks I will leave in the closet in the room.

After I get ready, I turn off the lights and put on the movie, but after a few minutes I hear my window open, I'm not on guard because... I smell her and the sound of her climbing on my roof.

When she appears in my room and I look at her amusedly, "is that why you were a little mysterious before?"

She blushes and looks away, she is wearing pink pajamas with white, "my parents have already gone to bed, my dad has an early appointment tomorrow so they won't notice I'm here"

Dean: "I didn't say anything"

She blushes even more and I start to laugh, I pull away a little more and speak: "come, lie down with me"

She lies down next to me, "what are we going to watch?"

Dean: "harry potter! I'll get you a milkshake too, I'll be right back."

She nods and takes control and puts the movie back to the beginning, I have nothing against it since I would do that too if the movie was already started.

I return with a milkshake that she herself picked out earlier, "here's your milkshake, my lady" I bow and lie down next to her.

After a while of movie time, the snack is over and I had already put it on the floor, allisson is now sleeping on my shoulder, hugging my arm and I am also starting to feel sleepy.

And then I sleep.

I forgot to say that I heard allisson's parents checking her room, they know hahaha

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