241 Don't Plan for Pain


Aaryn and Tarkyn watched silently as the seven Anima circled the field several times, then jogged into the center of the field, led by Tobe. The Equine directed then in a series of lunges and stretches, instructing the disformed when they lacked technique. Aaryn was glad to see the females all taking instruction and adjusting their stances or position of their arms, until Tobe nodded.

Hholdyn was still scowling, but appeared to have the best technique of the lot—or Tobe had simply decided not to press him. Either way, they all got through the exercises without mishap, then Tobe indicated they should get into a circle to begin the testing.

He pulled a blindfold from his back pocket and placed it over his own eyes, tying it in the back as he explained the purpose of the exercise—to use other senses to identify and block attacks from the other participants.

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