Taking A ChanceTaking A Chance

Taking A Chance

by hafsa_Hamumi

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Isabel Romero came from a strictly catholic household. Everything changed when her father announced to the family he converted to Islam. Not that she has anything against Islam It was just that day her father announced his new found faith, her whole world turned upside down. The divorced, her father moving away back to his home country, her mom's mental breakdown. her estranged brother and a controlling aunt moving in. Isabel felt lost, suffocated and started following the wrong crowed of people. Falling deep into the dark side and hurting everyone close to her. She finally decided she need change. She left her hometown and went to Spain to live with her father along the way she finally found what she was looking for all along. Now she's back home after three years and she want to make everything right again and also find a way to break the news to everyone. A story about mending broken friendships, finding yourself and hope about a Muslim girl struggling with her inner and outer demons.

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