Systemless Villain

Opening his eyes, Long Tian finds himself in a scene where he's beating up a protagonist. He's confused, until a deluge of foreign memories assaults his mind, leading him to a chilling realization: He has died... and transmigrated. But there's a problem - he's become a villain! At first, he's okay with this. But the more time passes, he notices something. Why doesn't he have a system?! This worries him. Going up against a protagonist without a system feels like a suicide mission. But of course, he doesn't lose hope. He looks at his own identity. The young master of an ancient family, check. Rich and good-looking, check. A genius with extraordinary talent, check. Awakened the martial spirit of a dragon king, check. With all of these, does he have any reason to complain? "Goddamn protagonist, I will make you suffer!" ------------- Harem or not? I haven't actually made a decision about that. Let the storyline unfold, and we'll see in the future.

abinn · Eastern
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277 Chs

The Secret Technique

"Wudang Sect? What's your plan there?" Ling Han asked, a hint of curiosity tinging his words.

"I have some business there, uncle Ling. So, how about it? Will you join me?" Long Tian tossed back casually.

"Well, your safety is my duty, young master. Of course, I'll accompany you," Ling Han affirmed.

"Great. Then pick me up from school," Long Tian instructed.

"Okay, stay put," Ling Han confirmed.

After that, the call ended.

Long Tian slid his phone back into his pocket, eyes scanning the area before settling on a quiet bench.

Today, his original plan was to gather items that could counteract the side effects of Li Yue'er's special physique. But the encounter with Ning Yuan made him reconsider.

The difference in power between Ning Yuan and him was vast. He couldn't rely on his cultivation talent or the original plot memories alone.

Qin Chen had powerful allies that were quite troublesome. If he had arrived in this world earlier, dealing with Qin Chen might have been easier.

As he recalled, it should have been four months since Qin Chen had discovered the existence of the Woman inside the Jade. Since then, it seemed like his life as the protagonist had truly begun.

Goddess of fortune was kind to him, gifting him with numerous luck. But that came with its own set of issues - wherever Qin Chen went, he was always underestimated.

From the original plot, Long Tian could identify several of Qin Chen's allies. The Ning family, the Wang family, and if Qin Chen had visited the treasure place in Tianzhou forest, he likely met a elder of the Wudang Sect. He wasn't certain it was Wu Gang; it could be someone else.


Not long after, a sleek Ferrari pulled into the school premises. Recognizing it, Long Tian quickly made his way over.

As the car window rolled down, Ling Han's face came into view. "Get in, young master," he said.

Long Tian nodded and hopped into the car, sliding comfortably into the front seat.

Ling Han didn't immediately drive. He turned to Long Tian. "Young master, what's our objective at the Wudang Sect?" he asked, his curiosity palpable.

"I want to get my hands on a technique scroll," Long Tian said, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Is it a powerful technique? Our family has long heritage, naturally, we have many powerful techniques. Why the Wudang Sect?" Ling Han queried.

"The technique is found only at the Wudang Sect, Uncle Ling," Long Tian clarified.

"Is that so? But how will you get it? The Wudang Sect won't easily part with their techniques to outsiders. Despite our family's power, they might not be willing to share," Ling Han reasoned.

"I know that. Which is why I plan to trade techniques with them," Long Tian said, his grin broadening.

Ling Han's brows knitted together. "Young master, you're aware of our family rules, right? You can't trade our family techniques, no matter how potent the ones they offer," he cautioned.

"Don't worry, Uncle Ling. It's not a family technique. Now, let's head to the grand Tianhai Library," Long Tian said, his grin unwavering.

"The grand Tianhai Library? Are you saying there's a technique scroll there? Isn't it merely a library?" Ling Han asked, looking puzzled.

"The library has a complex past, Uncle Ling. Before it became a library, it was a sect that had been annihilated," Long Tian explained.

Ling Han didn't reply, mulling over Long Tian's words. It was right - the library had indeed been a sect about 300 years ago.

"Alright, let's go there," Ling Han conceded.

With that, he started the car and pressed the accelerator, heading towards Tianhai city.


Nearly two hours passed. Long Tian and Ling Han arrived in Tianhai city. The city was vast, almost three times larger than Tianzhou city.

Tianhai city was also known as the city of sects due to the numerous sects located there. From the Wudang Sect, Six Gate, White Tiger, and others.

That's why, along the way, many people were seen wearing ancient cultivator clothes as the city was dominated by cultivators. Even the streets weren't as bustling as in other cities.

At this time, Long Tian and Ling Han stopped in front of a grand building with many people coming and going.

They exited the car.

"Here we go, the grand Tianhai Library," Long Tian said, grinning.

There were several good things he could obtain here, aside from some techniques and information, including Han Yufei, one of the heroines.

"Let's go inside, Uncle Ling," Long Tian said, beginning to make his way into the library.

Ling Han simply nodded, following Long Tian from behind.


Upon opening the door, a beautiful view of the inside of the building unfolded. The white marble paint lent it an air of luxury. Bookshelves, neatly organized, lined the walls, and despite the numerous people moving about, the atmosphere remained calm and serene.

Long Tian went straight to the third floor, the place where Qin Chen had discovered the hidden technique.

The technique itself was quite powerful, but he still preferred the one from the Wudang Sect, considering its importance.

"Young Master, I'd like to look around for a bit. Is it alright if you go on your own?" Ling Han suddenly asked.

"That's fine, Uncle Ling. Enjoy your time," Long Tian responded.

"Okay," Ling Han said, then departed, leaving Long Tian alone.

Long Tian continued his way to the third floor. He was already on the second floor, just one more level to go.

But at that moment, he suddenly stopped. He had spotted a familiar figure; a girl about his age, wearing glasses and still in her school uniform.