Systemless Villain

Opening his eyes, Long Tian finds himself in a scene where he's beating up a protagonist. He's confused, until a deluge of foreign memories assaults his mind, leading him to a chilling realization: He has died... and transmigrated. But there's a problem - he's become a villain! At first, he's okay with this. But the more time passes, he notices something. Why doesn't he have a system?! This worries him. Going up against a protagonist without a system feels like a suicide mission. But of course, he doesn't lose hope. He looks at his own identity. The young master of an ancient family, check. Rich and good-looking, check. A genius with extraordinary talent, check. Awakened the martial spirit of a dragon king, check. With all of these, does he have any reason to complain? "Goddamn protagonist, I will make you suffer!" ------------- Harem or not? I haven't actually made a decision about that. Let the storyline unfold, and we'll see in the future.

abinn · Eastern
Not enough ratings
277 Chs

Immortal Form

"Arise," the man uttered, his tone akin to a dagger slicing through the silence.

In the next moment, darkness enveloped the entire floor, and figures of various forms emerged, their number reaching into the hundreds.

His expression turned as cold as ice as he spoke, "You have exceptional potential to stand by my side. Yet, you made a fatal mistake by challenging me," he said, his voice dripping with frigidity.

The dark creatures fixed their deadly gaze upon Long Tian, exuding an aura of sheer horror.

Meanwhile, Long Tian remained resolute. There was no denying it; these hundreds of dark entities were undeniably dark souls. It appeared he now grasped the origin of these dark souls, none other than from the enigmatic man himself.

The man's voice reverberated once more, his finger pointing directly at Long Tian. "I want him alive," he declared.