Systemless Villain

Opening his eyes, Long Tian finds himself in a scene where he's beating up a protagonist. He's confused, until a deluge of foreign memories assaults his mind, leading him to a chilling realization: He has died... and transmigrated. But there's a problem - he's become a villain! At first, he's okay with this. But the more time passes, he notices something. Why doesn't he have a system?! This worries him. Going up against a protagonist without a system feels like a suicide mission. But of course, he doesn't lose hope. He looks at his own identity. The young master of an ancient family, check. Rich and good-looking, check. A genius with extraordinary talent, check. Awakened the martial spirit of a dragon king, check. With all of these, does he have any reason to complain? "Goddamn protagonist, I will make you suffer!" ------------- Harem or not? I haven't actually made a decision about that. Let the storyline unfold, and we'll see in the future.

abinn · Eastern
Not enough ratings
277 Chs

A Villain's Awakening

[Destiny Villain System activated. Congratulations to the host for transmigrating into this world]

The young man's eyes widened in disbelief as the holographic display flickered to life before him. Yet, a wicked grin slowly etched itself across his face.

"Hahahaha, of course! How could there be transmigration without a system? And it's a villain system? Explain it to me!" he said eagerly, unable to contain his excitement.

[I am the Destiny Villain System, and I shall assist the host in becoming an unparalleled villain]

[What you need to do is quite simple. Steal and cut off the protagonist's opportunities, and humiliate them to earn villain points that you can exchange at the system store]

Upon hearing the system explanation, he understood. Although he hadn't expected to become a villain, it was better than having no system at all.

[You have a beginner's gift, do you want to open it?]

"What? Open it!" he exclaimed immediately.