2 Chapter 2 – Adorable Little Doll

Running to the entrance of the stairway, Hao Ritian saw the two illegitimate children Yuan Wenyu had brought home. One was Yan Yang, about his age, and the other was Yan Yue who was several years younger than him. The pair somewhat resembled that cheater Yan Yongan in terms of looks. No one would believe that they weren't his illegitimate children.

At that moment, big and small duo's eyes were both staring at him with resentment. Clearly, they had heard him cursing their mother as mistress and them as bastards. The older one even stuck his leg out, wanting to make him stumble and fall. Thinking what he did went undiscovered, the resentment in his eyes quickly turned into gratification and arrogance.

Hao Ritian's mouth hooked up maliciously, but only for an instant. As he ran past, he – in a seemingly unintentional manner – stepped on Yan Yang's ankle. Not only did he not show mercy, he even deliberately crushed it. He didn't know if it was his imagination, but he thought he heard a crisp 'crack' sound.

"Ahh!!!!" The instant Hao Ritian moved his foot away, Yan Yang wailed like a pig about to be slaughtered. His complexion paled at once, and he slid slowly to the ground, lips involuntarily trembling.

Hao Ritian who'd gotten away didn't even look back, not feeling an ounce of guilt, but instead feeling very cheery. Don't go thinking that these two, daughter and son of Yuan Wenyu's, were any good. Perhaps having been brainwashed by Yuan Wenyu, they'd always regarded everything of the Yan family's as their own. After entering the Yan House with Yuan Wenyu, there were countless times when they would weep crocodile tears about Yan Qi in front of Yan Yongan, but were full of malicious intent in private. In the end, even after Yan Qi had been driven out of the Yan house, they would find trouble for Yan Qi time and again. Otherwise, Yan Qi wouldn't have fallen so low as to fall ill and die early.

Yan Yue and Yuan Wenyu were startled by Yan Yang's cry. Yuan Wenyu immediately loosened her hold on Yan Yongan and rushed over, kneeling down to grasp and examine Yan Yang's ankle. As a result, just as she laid her hand on it, Yan Yang made another ghostly wail.

It frightened Yuan Wenyu so much she hastily released her hand, at the brink of tears. She shot a weepy look towards Yan Yongan, "Yongan, hurry and have someone take a look at Yangyang. Do you see how much pain the child is in?"

She knew Yan Yongan really liked her current mien. Due to his wife's family background being simply too good, Yan Yongan, in truth, had an inferiority complex within his heart. He himself was particularly chauvinistic and liked his wife to be submissive, but had always felt a cut below when facing her. Yuan Wenyu had seized this bit of mentality of his to firmly grasp him in the palm of her hands.

Yan Yue had originally been worried about her older brother's sorry state as well, but cooled because of Yuan Wenyu's reaction. Although she was only 13 years old, she was already aware of many matters. Her mom had always preferred her older brother over her; Mom would constantly say Older Brother was the future successor of the Yan Family, and their rock. After having it repeated to her so many times, Yan Yue believed it. However, after entering the main gate of the Yan manor, she realised that she too, could inherit the family properties. But when compared to her older brother, her mom would certainly not stand by her side.

As the wheels in her head turned, Yan Yue decided she had to curry favour with her dad from now on. After all, isn't her dad's words the law in the Yan Family now?!

Completely unaware that Yan Yue actually had such thoughts in her head, Yan Yang endured the piercing pain and feebly covered his ankle. With cold sweat oozing from his forehead, he spoke shakily, "Mom, my foot hurts so much, will I become lame?"

Panic coloured his eyes. He was the first young master of the Yan Family and would inherit all the properties of the Yan Family in the future. He would certainly be laughed at if he became handicapped. The self-esteem of a teenager, who was fed up with the despise that came along with the identity of a bastard, was higher than anyone else's.

"Pooh-pooh, what nonsense. Nothing will happen to you. With you father here, you'll surely be fine."

Yan Yongan's heart indeed melted because of Yuan Wenyu's dependence. Looking at his son who was trembling from pain, he felt rather distressed and rushed downstairs to bark an order, "Steward, hurry and call the family doctor over."

While the steward made the call, Yan Yongan stared at the empty doorway, only then reacting to what Yan Qi had done. His fingers shook with anger, "Yan Qi, that scoundrel. Since he's left, he better never return if he has the ability, or else I'll break his legs."

From this remark, he was evidently placing the problem of Yan Yang's foot on Yan Qi. After all, he had clearly seen Yan Qi step on Yan Yang's foot just now. That wicked son could be so disrespectful to his own father, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for him to deliberately target Yan Yang.

Yan Yongan felt his eyes go dark from severe anger, he held the wall for support and took deep breaths, wanting to ease his emotions.

The family doctor arrived soon and after examining, made a general conclusion, "It's a little fractured, but not very serious. It'll be all good once I correct it. But looking at this degree of swelling, the subcutis or the ligament may have a more serious wound. He should put on some medicine and not put any weight on his ankle before the swelling subsides. He'll be fine after resting for a while."

Yuan Wenyu breathed a sigh of relief. If something major had really befallen her son, she would've homicidal. After being relieved, she turned on the waterworks. Her expression changed and she started crying sadly with Yan Yang in her arms, "Luckily, you're all right. Don't blame your big brother, he surely didn't mean it…"

Despite her words, her sad sobs were truly distressing. Yuan Wenyu had relied on her pretty face and mild and blithe disposition to be a mistress. She'd always been kept by Yan Yongan, and besides lacking a decent status, you could say she'd been living like royalty. Even in her 30s, she still looked very beautiful and had some charm and grace that young girls didn't possess. Those tears which brought on the appearance of raindrop undoubtedly made Yan Yongan feel extremely heart ached.

Yan Yang was indignant at his mom's words and was about to refute. How was Yan Qi unintentional? He clearly meant to do that. He must have his father back him up. But just as he opened his mouth, he was stopped by Yuan Wenyu.

Before Yan Yang could express his dissatisfaction, he heard his father speak in a cold tone, "You don't have to speak up for that evil creature. You place him in your heart yet he doesn't know to respect you at all. If he has the ability, then he shouldn't come back in this lifetime!"

Yan Yongan was so angry he could erupt. He'd finally taken power, how could he tolerate the rebellion of a son who used to crave his love? Now, in his heart, that son was a disobedient punk. Once the fire on his head cooled, he calmed down. Since his son is unfilial, he wouldn't concern himself with him anymore.

Yan Yang saw his father's chilly look, turned around again to see the expression in his mother's eyes, and immediately comprehended. Yan Yue was the same. Most of the education that the siblings received had come from Yuan Wenyu. So, the two of them could understand her meaning very well. They didn't have to do anything to retaliate against Yan Qi, just act wronged. As for everything else, there would always be opportunities later on.

The three mother and children exchanged looks, each with smugness in their eyes.

Hao Ritian who left the Yan House let the chauffeur drive him downtown then had him go back. Although the one currently in charge of the Yan Family was Yan Yongan, Hao Ritian, as the right and proper heir of the Yan Family could still call a chauffeur.

He didn't take the follow-up in the Yan Manor seriously. On the premise of knowing the overall situation, he'd already thought of ways to take care of that family so that they couldn't stay and disgust him. Running out was a part of his plan. Ultimately, the one in a hurry would never be him.

The May weather was extremely hot, and the sun today was very big. Standing on the roadside, Hao Ritian felt baked. He swept his eyes around, wanting to find a shop to rest in for a moment, and ended up catching sight of a kid leaning against the outside of a store window. From where he stood, he could only see the side of the child's face. The child's white, tender face was rosy from exposure to the sun, yet he remained standing there, not leaving.

Hao Ritian raised his eyebrows. From the clothes that the child wore, he could ascertain that he was a child from a wealthy family. He had no idea how his parents could have left him there alone. Maybe he was lost?

No matter what the situation was, Hao Ritian wasn't very interested. He'd always found it difficult to be concerned with people and things unrelated to him. Finding a cold-drinks shop not far from the boy, he walked slowly and directly towards it.

When he was only a couple steps away from the child, a man stepped forward to scoop up the child and walk away. Anyone looking would think he was the parent of the boy, who came searching for him, but Hao Ritian's expression chilled. As the man carried the kid and was leaving in hurried footsteps, he walked up behind him with large strides and directly kicked the back of his knees, while snatching the boy from his arms.

Though he was, by no means, a good person, he couldn't let such a thing slide. Just then, that man had been crushing the boy firmly in his arms while carrying him, making the child unable to speak or make small movements at all. Moreover, the cautious look in the man's eyes hadn't escaped him.

There was no way this man was the kid's parent.

The first reaction of the man who got kicked was not to take back the child, but to flee. Hao Ritian was holding a child in his arms, but he wasn't slowed down at all. He pressed one side of the man's shoulder and kicked the man mercilessly at his feet, forcing him to kneel roughly on the ground.

The boy in Hao Ritian's arms was very clever, he wrapped his arms around Hao Ritian's neck and didn't cry or scream like other children would have. However, everything that the passerbys witnessed before their eyes made their jaws drop. Because the sequence had happened far too quickly, no one could tell what was happening.

"What…what are you doing, you stinkin' kid?" The man forced to kneel on the ground by Hao Ritian's actions turned his head around, a grim and indignant look in his eyes.

Hao Ritian didn't bother to talk bullshit with him, he stepped on him with one foot and with one hand holding the boy, he used the other to fish out his phone and dial 110.

The look on the man's face instantly changed. He couldn't take this into account anymore. He threw off the foot Hao Ritian was pressing him with then climbed up to escape.

Because of the incident just now, there were many people around, spectating. Without Hao Ritian requiring to ask, some people helped him hold the man down. The man was a bit muddled by this series of events. He honestly didn't know how things had developed to this extent.

He'd been targeting that little young master for quite some time, only making a move after determining that the little young master was alone. Under normal circumstances, even if he had the bad luck of being suspected, he should still have time to explain himself, how come he hadn't even said a few lines and ended up like this?

Hao Ritian didn't bother about much after calling the police. Only after the call did he glance at the boy he was holding. This single glance made his eyes shine. Heh, it was unexpectedly an adorable little doll. Not to mention being white and delicate, there was intelligence in his eyes and the most crucial point was his composed temperament. He really garnered one's fondness.

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