Author: Macy
Eastern Fantasy
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  • 29 Chs
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What is Symphony

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People say that family is home , You feel warm and safe but sometimes "Family" can be reason of pain and anger too! - - - Lorraine Miller A young beautiful girl lives a normal life with her little warm family but when she lose her Mother Her life will change a lot into a dark cold life will she accept her fate to be under control...or she will change her fate and create her destiny

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The concept and professional ways the author put out their work is great! it shows how the author is hooking us up very well! keep up the good work, author!


Reveal spoiler


Very nice cover I have to say, and a beautiful book name. Well done! Interesting way to start, I like it. Very well written, nice work! Keep going!


Hi, Macy it's been long time time since we last time talk. how you doing out there, everything is fine? are you still mad at me, after what happened. can we talk again. can you unblock me.


I apologise for everything, I said to you before. I didn't know what you went through. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said those things to you Danaa.


The opening chapters start off with a bang. An intriguing premise of the whole story for the readers to explore the later chapters and so on. A must read.


Amazing book, only the blurb got me hooked on the book immediately and even I started reading it. I couldn’t drop it. love it and I can’t wait for the author to update more


The synopsis hit too close to home so it got me hooked to the book and I must say the book is written so well. The author has a way of making reader hooked up with the book. The writing style is so catchy and the storyline is captivating. Highly recommend.


The synopsis really good and catching, your writing style is amazing overall a really good novel, you are totally a talented author, keep the good work.


The synopsis of the book was really good same as the plot. I'm really glad that I had given a chance to read this book. I'm hooked. [img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend]


A good read. Highly recommended this book. The story is lovely with intriguing synopsis. Glad I read them.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Woah! Short synopsis but it has a strong impact. The plot was unique and good. The Author made the characters very well and relatable. Good choices of words. This is such a good story, I'm looking forward to read the rest of the chapters and see how this story will unfolds. Great job Author!


Cry cry 😭. I promise I won’t spoil it for everyone but I love this story about family. You can’t chose your family but you can make positive things out of the relationships that you are given. I promise! Heart goes out to Lorraine 😭.


I can relate so much with Lorraine. I also lost my mother so this story will always be in my heart. Beautifully written with great descriptions of the characters loss. Highly recommended story[img=recommend][img=coins]


Everything about this book is gorgeous! The cover page, the title , the MC etc. The storyline shows u the pain and frustration of Lorraine, making u imagine everything and situate oneself in sivh situations. The author leads the events in a wonderful pacing, so that u don't feel lost at anytime. If I must say, this is really a good read. Looking forward to it!


The writing style is very unique and the plot seems nice! Though I personally wouldn't read this, I would definitely recommend it to my friends! Keep up the good work!


The story is well written and interesting, the contents have good suspense in them which can easily make a reader thrive for the next chapter. Good work, author.


what a beautiful dark tale, enough ripple to create drama and mystery. It just holds onto you and never let go as the story progresses and you came into a realization that you just got addicted! 😆


Totally enjoyed reading this, the author did an amazing job putting the story together. The synopsis got to me but the story itself had me turning the pages for more. Highly recommend.


Hello, Author. This is Novelstar_PG speaking, a web editor from Novelstar. I have done reading the first few chapters of your book, and I've noticed that this has a great potential to get published in our platform. I want to offer a non-exclusive contract to it. Kindly send me and email with a screenshot of this offer. Tell me if you're interested. Thank you and have a good day ahead!


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