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What is Symphony

Symphony is a popular web novel written by the author Macy, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 163K readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 17 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


People say that family is home , You feel warm and safe but sometimes "Family" can be reason of pain and anger too! - - - Lorraine Miller A young beautiful girl lives a normal life with her little warm family but when she lose her Mother Her life will change a lot into a dark cold life will she accept her fate to be under control...or she will change her fate and create her destiny

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The concept and professional ways the author put out their work is great! it shows how the author is hooking us up very well! keep up the good work, author!


Hello, Author. This is Novelstar_PG speaking, a web editor from Novelstar. I have done reading the first few chapters of your book, and I've noticed that this has a great potential to get published in our platform. I want to offer a non-exclusive contract to it. Kindly send me and email with a screenshot of this offer. Tell me if you're interested. Thank you and have a good day ahead!


Totally enjoyable. The plot concept and the development. It brought tears to my eyes, and it just makes you stop and think, things like this happen. It's a good story that should be given a chance.


I enjoyed what I read, the emotional trauma Lorraine will go through will be this book a lovely read. Nice book, I highly recommend. Thumbs up to the author


the narrative of the story expresses the memories of the main character in such a masterful way, explaining every scene in detail as if the mc was there spectating the course of events, it caught me since the work is so well done, good job to the author!


Good stuff, good stuff to be sure! I have to say, I am impressed. The cover art drew me in and the story is causing me to stick around. Give it a go!


I have only read a little but the beginning is very intriguing, definitely makes one want to know what will happen next. interesting storyline and background


This story is amazing, it's a hooking emotional start to the way the author has written it, it's good. Also, the description is to the point and something that made a reader automatically click on the book. The author has done a great job!


Wow this book is very interesting. I love the storyline because it is very unique, although I have read only a few chapters I am sure I am already in love with the book.


I like the plot of the story and the way you right in some part is awesome and I can see a real talent.. I am not a good writers myself but... There are loopholes in the plot.. Like in reality a baby doesn't have any recollection about the very specific thing that happens in their life, specially when they are new born.. It might be safe if it is a POV of the Parent.. Second Language and dictionary is a real challenge for a three year old child what more for analization of the situation.. A baby may feel hostile towards violence and it can be traumatic for a child but somehow it will be a mistery for them of what the situation is all about.. All in all.. It is a good story and has potential.. Keep it up..


As a read the first chapter it was sad but as you read more it makes you more curious about what will happen next. I love my mom and if I saw my father did that I think that's a trauma for me. Great Job author 👏👏👏


The story starts off a bit sad and I felt very sorry for Lorraine, so much has happened to her at a very young age. I hope things get better for her and that she finds happiness.


"Symphony" hooked me to read further. While reading the chapter I felt quite an emotional ride of pain, emotions, and sympathy for the female lead Lorriane who is struggling with her life. The writing style is well written. I hope the story ends on a happy note. Definitely recommended for reading. Keep up the great work, Author!


Very well written. The author has a way of making us sympathize with Lorraine and her struggles. A really eventful novel with a lot of potential. I wish all the best to the author as they go on writing!


A beautiful concept, i really could feel the sadness of Lorraine! The fact that she faces such an awful event so early in her life. The author really does a great job at constructing scenarios, its so well written you can see the scene build up right in your face😍


Very nice cover I have to say, and a beautiful book name. Well done! Interesting way to start, I like it. Very well written, nice work! Keep going!


Nice book the story develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is beautiful . Good use of words that complement the subject of the story as a whole.


A beautiful well-written story with a great picture to view. The plot develops well throughout the chapters. Creative use of words. A great read.


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