946 Chapter 946 – Obvious Trap

After around 2,000 years of training, Shang received a message from the Lightning Emperor.


The Empires were using a Peak Mage Lord with a fivefold Spirit Sense again.


It was quite surprising that Shang hadn't been sent to the war for over 3,000 years. Usually, he fought in the war every century.


The enemies hadn't even used Peak Mage Lords with threefold Spirit Senses, and now they were using someone with a fivefold Spirit Sense?


Naturally, this was a trap for Shang.


Everyone could tell.


However, what was he supposed to do?


If he ignored the trap, the enemy would take out the entire Lightning Manor in just a century or two.


Shang had to deal with the attacker.


The Lightning Emperor very closely looked at the frontline and tried to find the trap.


He was absolutely certain that the enemy was not a Mage King and not a Mage Emperor.


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