940 Chapter 940 – Weakness

Shang floated from one battlefield to the other.


The three Empires had been going all out, but Shang stopped their advances.


Naturally, as soon as everyone had noticed that Shang had won against the powerful Mage Lord, the remaining Peak Mage Lords with fivefold Spirit Senses gave up their positions.


In an instant, all the Defender Flags for Peak Mage Lords vanished from the battlefield.


When there were no more Attack Flags, Shang stopped moving for a bit.


His hood just turned to look in the direction of the Judgment Palace.


Shang naturally couldn't see it, but he felt like there was a powerful presence there.


However, Shang wasn't sure if what he felt was actually genuine or if his damaged soul was giving him hallucinations again.


Just as the Mage Kings had expected, Shang was in constant pain, but that wasn't actually the problem. 



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