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Switch: Playing The Dream Star


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WPC#221 Bronze Prize Cass Smith lives the dream life that only millions of people dream of and covet to have. She's adored by everyone in the crowd. Loved by millions of fans. Her face belongs to the top cover issues of every teenage magazine. Her name is known to every household. Every teenage girl screams and shrieks her name. Cass Smith is the Dream Star. No one lives like her. Her name is breathed in awe. Her presence is worshipped. She is adored in the limelight. Who wouldn’t want to be like Cass? But Cass hides a secret. She's an actress playing the actress. How good will an amateur actress like her play the role of the dream star? When the real actress lies unconscious and unaware of the world around her. ____________________________________________ I gave him a haughty look. “You’re kidding me, aren’t you, Peters? Your jokes aren’t funny.” I said with sarcasm. “I’ve known you for a long time.” I glared at him and coolly said. “I’m Cassandra Smith. Your favorite idol. Your untouchable dream star.” Peters showed a subdued look this time. He crossed his arms. “Yeah, you’re right, Cassandra.” ____________________________________________


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