1362 The Verhen Mansion (Part 2)

The blinking rune belonged to Marchioness Distar, the ruler of the Distar region and the person in charge of the security of Lith's family. Lith immediately picked up the call, fearing that something bad might have happened again.

"Nice to see you, Lith. How are you doing?" The hologram of the Marchioness asked.

She was a woman in her early forties, but even with the little makeup she wore, it was hard to imagine her a day older than thirty. Mirim Distar had a beautiful face with great proportions and eyes that brimmed with intelligence and curiosity.

She had waist-long dark brown hair streaked blue all over and only a hairpin to adorn it. It was almost hypnotic to look at her whenever she shook her head. She wore a simple pale blue day dress with no neckline that despite its simplicity emphasized her lovely features.

"Is everything okay?" Lith said.


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