2924 Copies and Originals (Part 2)

"The reason Glemos performed so many experiments on his followers is also similar. He used Harmonizers with no template to trigger chaotic mutations and then he would study the life force of those who survived, using them as a starting point for the next batch.

"Monsters spawn fast so he had no shortage of test subjects."

"If that's true, then what about the Balors? Their development rate is not much different from humans. Also, what about the undead? Their fertility rate is abysmal." Solus pointed out.

"There are two possible explanations for this." Xubari, the lead Healer, said. "Either after many experiments Glemos spotted a tell that allowed him to determine the first steps a life force had to take, and that's what we hope, or he simply needed a lot of time and sacrifices.


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