76 Celebratory Banquet

All those who were spectating the fight were so astonished that they were at loss for words.

Scarlett and the Headmaster called each other so fast that it was impossible to know who had called who.

"What the heck is that thing?" Asked Linjos.

"How the heck did a fourth-year student got her hands on a Stunner Clacker's venom?" Asked Scarlett.

Having got his answer already, Linjos returned the favor.

"Yesterday that group was attacked by Clackers. One of the poisoned students was rescued and he managed to detoxify himself. I never expected that he would store the venom for later use."

"Son of a…" Scarlett turned to look at the fight again, where the tables were quickly being turned. 

Termyn had managed to land safely, but its energy reserves were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Belia, on the other hand, could finally show all her prowess.


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