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Supreme Human System


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What is Supreme Human System

Supreme Human System is a popular web novel written by the author priya012, covering SYSTEM, EVOLUTION, REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, ACTION, ROMANCE, KINGDOM BUILDING, BLOODLINES, MYSTERIES, TRAGEDY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 686.6K readers with an average rating of 4.57/5 and 44 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 43 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What will happen------- WHEN YOU HAVE A RIDICULOUS DREAM? TO BECOME RULER OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. But life gives you no chance ---- Born in poor family, no bloodline, no soul beast, and a trash talent. And a destiny to become someone slave. Will he let his fate to decide his path? or he will control his fate and break the shackles of destiny. Will, he ever solve the mystery of his nightmares. Will the youngest race ever free themselves from the ancient restrain. There was a saying in the human race since ancient times, " Supreme human will return one day, and he will take his vengeance. A protagonist with a mysterious system. An Antagonist who was once hailed as a hero, a myth, the god of time and space, and the progenitor of his race. Hello guys, it is my first time writing a novel, and English is not my first language. I need your support so that I can motivate myself to write more chapters. Just give this book a try (PS: The cover image belongs to the person who draws it)

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Me: "Not a shameless review this time, after all, I am a decent man!" Some readers: "Huh! Aren't you a shameless one? Again five stars." Me: "Hey, don't talk carelessly. I call this confidence!" Some readers: "Confident with your story? Meh. Just another piece of junk in the web novel." Me: "You guys are so mean... This is a good story. So don't judge me so early! *hmph!*." Some readers: "With your writing skill, that is just like that. Tsk" Me: "Hey, Why didn't you read more than 15 chapters? My talents improved afterward." Some good readers: "You're so confident about your story, huh? I'll give it a try." Me: "*sob*sob*You guys are so kind." Some good readers: "So, what's the storyline?" Me: "Let me tell you. This novel tells about the adventures of the main character with his Al( System). Finding the truth about his mysterious dream(A.K.A previous life) and changing his shitty destiny. Furthermore, there is a cold antagonist and OP loyal brother. Tsk *No spoiler*. " So overall, please read this novel up to 15 chapters before thinking about dropping:)(: Definitely, you guys will love the story afterward.


The book is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I like how the MC yearns for power, cos he truly needs it at this stage. I also didn't know much about Indian Culture, I only knew about the God of Destruction, Shiva, and that was it, but with this book, I think I know a little bit more. And to add to the above point, this is the second book I read in my life that was related to Indian culture, and my first on Webnovel, and I liked how unique and different it was😁😁😁 Anyways, author, keep up the good work, this book has a lot of potential😁😁😁


need more....more!! pls post more...I loved your novel as I enjoyed it very much [img=update].......post more so I can read.....I will be more shameless and give you whole rating to cheer you on.......pls keep up the work...


An interesting beginning of the story. Background quite interesting. Interesting idea. I recommend reading. I will wait for the continuation [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


This novel looks good but looking at the accounts of several reviewers( who are all lvl 1) i noticed that that have only read one book this book the author could be botting or i could be overthinking, anyhow good luck Author-san. ;)


Hello guys, shameless review from the author. Ahh, which author doesn't like his/her novel. But you guys will love the story development and the world background. Thank you in advance And last "JAI HIND"


Okay so... With the two tags being #Reincarnation and #System, you can pretty much guess half of the story w/o actually reading it. But I digress... With 35 chapters up while I’m writing this review, I can honestly say it’s all the same cliche that you’ve read over and over in other novels of the same type. But that’s why we read it, don’t we? Nothing to write home about as of yet, but things at this stage are usually subject to change, be it for worse or better. If you’re looking for something different... Tough luck. Oh and by the way, I don’t have anything against the author YET. But it reeks of inexperience, I’d recommend cutting down the amount of chapters per week to increase the quality and then after it grows, increase the chapter amount. But it’s all just my own opinion. So take it with a grain of salt.


Nice idea author...i think this novel is based on the emergence of the human species....full support writes more chapters like this. The story background is good. Have some grammatical mistake but you will overcome by writing more


It’s really a good novel. Starting is really good and have won my interest completely. I am really looking for more updates and different Hindu mythology’s leading this novels world.


I'll say, this novel does contain some potential only if the author tries to bring it towards a better result. The author needs to focus more on learning about the genre, and then write more. (Note: If the author is from Nepal, please join https://discord.gg/Xd7maf


It is a good story and i really liked how story is developing . I highly recommend u guys to read it once or just give a try to this story For me i liked this story and ofc the all characters and character development


Just amazing , author did a great job in binding one with the stories .Eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapters. This is something different and incredible at the same time. Brilliant writing sir.


I would place this novel with some high ranking story, based on potential; the characters aren't cutouts. They make rational and irrational decisions that fit their personality. I'm not able to guess the plot or what will happen next Give it a try, its intriguing where the story is progressing with little predictable that is a familiar turn off for the system-oriented genre


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Hidden gem for me...jai hind....jai hind...jai hind...jai hind.....jai hind.....jai hind....jai hind....jai hind....jai hind....jai hind....jai hind


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Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating


This is my first time that i am giving a review of a story and i think this is good story from my point view even though there are not many chapters now but still the character development is very good.


Nice story......................... .......................good background..................................................................... ................love characters


Nice.......Nice....nice.........nice........nice .......nice.......nice .........nice.......nice.........nice. .nice.......nice .....nice....nice......nice


the book is one of the best I've ever read before the author makes the story were you just went to keep reading and reading the one thing I wish for is the author releases More chapters [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend]


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