Supreme Harem God System

[Supreme Harem God System.] This was the Cheat Nux Leander, the man who transmigrated to a cultivation world, received. In a cultivation world, this cheat system allowed Nux to skip the arduous process that takes years, decades, or even centuries. All Nux needed were his lovely wives. The stronger the wife, the more benefits he receives. “What? You are a 100-year-old Grand Master Stage Cultivator? And you call this Unparalleled Talent? Unparalleled Talent my Ass! I am 18 and I am already a King Stage Cultivator, get better bitch!” As ridiculous as it already was, Nux’s cheat did not end there. Cultivation Talent, Special Physiques, Bloodlines, his System could inherit them all! All he needed to do was seduce strong Women. Accompany Nux in his journey as he promotes himself from a mere mortal, to a boy toy of a Lonely Noble, and then to Emperor of the strongest Empire in the world! All while he gets stronger while spending time with his lovely wives. ... Do check out my other novel, Primordial Vampire God System If you want to read revenge, war, blood, gore, vampires, and, the Return of the Forgotten Blood Empire ... AI-Generated Cover. ... Discord: https://discord.gg/qZHRTHGdZG If the link does not work for some reason, DM me: SleepDeprivedSloth

SleepDeprivedSloth · Fantasy
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1475 Chs

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"Duke Fulvanius, there is a problem."

Smith, the Butler of the Duke, Thornton Fulvanius spoke with a solemn look on his face.

"What is it?"

The Duke questioned.

"It is about what the First Prince said."

Smith answered and Thronton's face turned solemn.

"Is it about Duke Merula and Duke Vestalis?"

He questioned.


The butler nodded his head.

"What is it?"

"After our investigation, we noticed that there are indeed some secret letters that have been exchanged between the Dukes.

The two of them are definitely communicating with each other, and they are doing it very secretly."


Hearing these words, Thornton narrowed his eyes.

He was the Strongest of the 4 Dukes, however, in reality, this didn't really mean anything. He may be strongest when it comes to one on one fights, however, this didn't mean that the Fulvanius Duke House was the strongest compared to all.

The real power of the Duke's House depended on their Protectors.